Celiac Disease & Women’s Health

Prevalence in Women

Women in the general population are diagnosed with celiac disease two to three times more often than men. Learn more.

Symptoms in Women

Women have several specific symptoms of celiac disease. For example, unexplained infertility can sometimes be the only sign of undiagnosed celiac disease. Learn more about celiac disease symptoms in women.

Testing & Diagnosis in Women

There’s evidence that celiac disease exists in 4%-8% of women with unexplained infertility. However, there are currently no guidelines for celiac disease testing in patients with infertility. Learn more about celiac disease testing for women.

Celiac Disease & Pregnancy

The gluten-free diet is currently the only treatment for celiac disease, but such a diet is frequently found to be low in calcium, iron, fiber, zinc and other vitamins and minerals. Learn how to maximize nutrition during pregnancy.