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Gluten-Free Recipes Featuring Frito-Lay

Gluten-Free Recipes Featuring Frito-Lay

Gluten-Free Cooking with: Frito-Lay

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Did you know many of Frito-Lay’s products are gluten-free? The company known for Lay’s, Fritos and Tostitos has developed a validation process, tested its products and is now adding a gluten-free label to many of its bags.

To spread the word, Frito-Lay reached out to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) with some gluten-free recipes featuring their validated products. We decided to put these recipes to the test, and we recruited a few gluten-free bloggers to help us out.

Below, you will find five of Frito-Lay’s new gluten-free recipes. From July 9-20, we’ll add insights from the bloggers who tested these recipes.

Gluten-Free Giveaway!

Enter to win a Gluten-Free Giveaway from Frito-Lay. Simply fill out the form here and you could win the gluten-free products featured in these recipes. Winner will be announced on NFCA’s Facebook page on Friday, July 20.

Learn more about Frito-Lay’s gluten-free products at FritoLay.com.

Gluten-Free Recipes:

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