Gluten-Free Baking Hack #2

Gluten-Free Baking Hack #2

Make the $10 investment in silicone baking cups.

Let’s set the scene: You spend a ton of time carefully measuring and weighing your ingredients for the mouth-watering gluten-free cupcake recipe you found online. You wait patiently, peeking into the oven now and then to watch drippy batter morph into the moist cupcake you’ve worked so hard to make. Finally, the cupcakes are golden brown and baked to perfection. You resist the urge to dive in and wait the 30 minutes for the cupcakes to cool.

Possible Ending #1: You begin to peel away your paper baking cup and next thing you know, your delicious baked good has lost its top and the remaining cupcake bottom is littered with bits of stubborn paper. Frustrated, you eat your (delicious) paper-stuck-on cupcake bottoms and spend your time at the holiday party proclaiming the comeback in popularity of muffin tops.

Possible Ending #2: You peel away your new silicone baking cup to reveal theperfect gluten-free cupcake. You spend your time at the holiday party insisting that yes, your fabulous cupcakes are, in fact, gluten-free.

Trust us. Go for the alternate ending. Buy the silicone baking cups.