Celiac Attack!

Celiac Attack!


We here at the NFCA are always inspired by the creative ways people all across the country are able to support and spread Celiac Awareness. So, when we heard about three Illinois teenagers and their “Celiac Attack” event, we couldn’t wait to share the news.

Katie Nasenbenny, Steph Condon and Kelsey Holbert are all students at Lyons Township High School in Illinois, and play soccer together on both their varsity high school team and the Windy City Pride Soccer Club. Inspired by the desire to plan a 4 v 4 cage soccer tournament that would benefit their community, they brainstormed over one afternoon, taking a quick break for pizza. When Katie and Steph looked over at their pizza-less friend Kelsey, who was diagnosed with celiac disease back in 2005, they realized exactly where their fundraising could be focused: spreading awareness about celiac disease through the NFCA! The event was then planned and executed entirely by teen volunteers.

In its first year, 2008, the tournament raised an impressive $2,000 with 16 teams participating. This past August, they celebrated their second annual event, and surpassed last year’s earnings to a total of $2,426.80 with 17 teams participating! Aside from raising money through team participation, additional funds were brought in by soliciting donations, selling t-shirts and concessions.

For additional information on “Celiac Attack,” please contact Kelsey’s proud mom, Karen Holbert at  (708) 784-1679  (708) 784-1679 or through [email protected]

Congratulations Katie, Steph and Kelsey on continuing the important work of spreading awareness to your local and national community!