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Volunteers Bring Enthusiasm and Knowledge to Appetite for Awareness


A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped make Appetite for Awareness 2010 an event to remember. Many attendees said 2010 was the best year yet, and much of that is a credit to those who manned the doors, worked the tables and ensured all participants had a satisfying experience. NFCA especially appreciates the work of Volunteer Coordinator Joanne Gallagher, who logged hours at headquarters and at home to bring this dazzling group together.

NFCA's 2010 Appetite for Awareness volunteers:

Hannah Actor-Engel
Maddie Auman
Sam Auman
Patty Barlow
Patricia Canney
Nika Verma Chugh
Pranav Amar Chugh
Julie Cooper
Alexis Cox
Dan Cristinzio
Sandy D'Alessandro
Karen Dalrymple
Elaina Engel
Nina Engel
Rose Engel
Jacqueline Faiman
Michael Fegeley
Jocelyn Gruber
Paula Gruber
Donna Hemsley
Karen Horan
Jodi Jones
Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer
Patricia Keppler
Annsley Klehr
Tony Kush
Dr. Angela Lavne
Ilene Levinson
Todd Lopez
Bill Lucas
Elissa Mahler
John Mahler
Yolanda Milton
Carmen Nocito
Alexandra Parson
Judy Paul
Michael Paul
Andrea Petruccelli
Anthony Petruccelli
Tammy Petruccelli
Kacy Pringle
Kory Pringle
Scott Pringle
Vicki Pringle
Brian Protich
Kathleen Protich
Robin Rosenblum
Genevieve Sherrow
Kelly Simcox
Heather Stern
Meryl Stern
Donna Swanka
Patti Townsend
Linda Volpe
Colleen Williams


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