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May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month in North Carolina


The Gluten Free Raleigh Blog announced that Governor Beverly Perdue has declared May 2010 “Celiac Disease Awareness Month” in North Carolina. The Gluten Free Raleigh Blog and Pat Berger, leader of the North Raleigh Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) Support Group, brought the petition to the Governor’s office regarding the importance of initiating a Celiac Disease Awareness Month.

“The Governor’s proclamation paves the way to further educate the community on Celiac Disease and helps to create a positive impact on the quality of life for people living with this condition,” said Zach Becker, creator of the Gluten Free Raleigh Blog. “It’s my goal to help raise awareness so those living with this disease can eat out at restaurants and have access to gluten-free food.”

Zach Becker and the North Carolina gluten-free community have planned a full slate of events to celebrate Celiac Disease Awareness Month, including a gluten-free food drive and a celiac disease awareness dinner.

“It’s great to see North Carolina working to raise awareness about this disease so perhaps others can be accurately diagnosed by their doctors,” said NFCA founder and president Alice Bast, “Zach Becker and the entire North Carolina celiac disease community should be commended for their leadership and successful advocacy efforts.   We love working with Zack in restoring health and reclaiming lives.”