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Celiac Awareness at Carnival


Julia Finkle may only be eight years old, but she’s already established quite a history of involvement with NFCA! A fixture at Celiac Awareness Sports Nights and NFCA’s annual Appetite for Awareness events, Julia found yet another opportunity to raise awareness of celiac disease
during a carnival hosted by her synagogue.

Julia manned a booth at the February affair that took place in Phoenixville, PA, distributing information about celiac disease, Do I Have Celiac? Symptoms Checklist brochures, and even gluten-free food to those in attendance.

Julia's education booth was a great success. Not only was she was able to spread the word about celiac disease, but she raised almost $50 dollars in donations for the NFCA!

As always, we are incredibly grateful for the help of so many fabulous volunteers working hard across the country to forward our mission. To get involved with NFCA and become a Celiac Awareness All Star, sign up to volunteer.