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Miss Indiana International Raises Celiac Awareness


Celiac advocate Jenna DrewWhen genetic testing confirmed that Jenna Drew was positive for both celiac disease and lymphoma in 2007, she soon learned the importance of adhering strictly to the gluten-free diet. Her first-hand knowledge of and familiarity with the gluten-free lifestyle have aptly prepared Jenna to support awareness of celiac disease.

A true advocate at heart, Jenna has been using her celebrated title as Miss Indiana International 2010 to improve the awareness of gluten-free menu options among the restaurant industry since capturing the crown last June. The Miss International Pageant’s mission is to “Make a Difference,” and the pageant aims to promote and celebrate women aged 19 to 20 from all over the world who have accomplished impressive life goals. Candidates are asked to choose and support a personal platform, and as expected Jenna has elected to advocate for celiac disease.

She immediately proved her passion for campaigning by arranging the first Celiac Awareness Day with The Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park on September 27, 2009. Jenna certainly set the bar high for future awareness endeavors – both for herself and other NFCA advocates!

She has since organized and hosted a gluten-free benefit dinner at Benjamin’s, a restaurant in Jenna’s hometown of Indiana, Pennsylvania in October 2009.

More recently, Jenna has taken advantage of the NFCA’s partnership with Pamela’s Products and has been hard at work hosting Cupcake Parties with the goal to raise funds in support of the NFCA’s GREAT training of a favorite restaurant located in her hometown. The Cupcake Party is simple and easy to host since the partnership allows for a free party kit provided by Pamela’s. As Jenna puts it, “All you have to do is pick a date for the party, invite guests, have fun, and take lots of pictures!”

Interested in hosting a Cupcake Party of your own or volunteering in support of the NFCA and celiac disease? Visit our website to learn more.

Keep up with Jenna as she advocates for the gluten-free lifestyle and follow her journey to Miss Pennsylvania International at her blog, http://missindianapainternational.blogspot.com/.

When she’s not volunteering for the NFCA or preparing to compete for the Miss Pennsylvania International title on March 20, 2010, she works as an Account Executive for Renda Broadcasting Corporation in Pittsburgh.