Morgan ShondelmyerThe Voices of Celiac Disease

“I ask you to join me in supporting Beyond Celiac. Together we can make a difference!”

I am honored to be an ambassador for Beyond Celiac!

Did you know that celiac disease affects 1% of people worldwide? I am that 1% and I was four years old when I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I was just going into kindergarten and it was tough, but with the help of my family it was a change we made together. Now I am 11 years old and in 6th grade and my lifestyle is a daily reminder of how celiac disease affects me. From classroom projects to parties, everything has to be safe for me. If I have gluten I get really sick (usually for days) and it’s really hard on a secondary school student. Having gluten causes permanent damage to my intestines as well as other medical problems. This is a disease I will have forever—it never goes away! I have to watch everything I eat and how it is even made and where. There are many factors I have to consider in my day to day life. It is a constant reminder of just how serious being gluten-free is and having celiac disease is nothing to mess with. 

Thank you, thank you for all the help and continued support you give to my cause. I care deeply about it as it’s my life and I’m grateful for all of you. It is because I am hopeful that together we can improve the health and quality of life for people who deal with celiac disease that I ask you to join me in supporting Beyond Celiac. 

Thank you for your support of Beyond Celiac’s mission to accelerate diagnosis, treatments, and a cure through research, education, and advocacy. 

Together we CAN make a difference!