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Every day, researchers are working to get a better understanding of celiac disease and its various presentations. Ongoing research is also exploring potential drug treatments for celiac disease. To view all information related to drug development and research, please visit our main celiac disease research page. Learn about the Beyond Celiac Science Department here.

Latest Celiac Disease Research Articles


Researchers: C-Sections Will Continue to Rise

More moms are opting for cesarean delivery, which has been linked to celiac disease.


Research Touts Numerous Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can ward off disease, for both mother and baby.


Block on Stem Cell Funding Could Hinder Celiac Disease Breakthroughs

Celiac disease was listed among the conditions scientists hope to explore using stem cells.


Long-Term Follow-Up of Patients with Celiac Disease

Survey of Canadian gastroenterologists confirms need for consensus-based guidelines in care.


Celiac Disease May Increase Risk of Thyroid Cancer

Italian researchers found celiac patients face a 2.5-fold increase in the risk of developing papillary cancer of the thyroid.


Beer Study Suggests Link Between Gluten Sensitivity and Psoriasis

Women who ingest more full-calorie beer, which has high barley content, are more likely to have the skin disorder.


“Significant Correlation” Between Celiac Disease and Reproductive Disorders

Researchers recommend screening for celiac in women with reproductive issues.


Gluten-Free Isn't Just About Avoidance

Nutritional intake is also a key factor in the gluten-free diet, researchers advise.


Celiac Crisis: A Rare but Serious Complication

Researchers warn of severe gastrointestinal symptoms and malabsoption seen in this condition.


Is Wheat Breeding a Possible Cause of the Rise in Celiac Disease Prevalence?

Modern breeding practices may have increased exposure, but they could also help reduce toxicity.


Evaluation of AGA Testing Continues

Researchers confirm poor specificity for celiac, but AGA tests may have relevance for related conditions.


Investigators: At-Home DNA Tests “Misleading”

Contradictory results identified across 15 diseases, including celiac.


Research Reaffirms Prevalence of Celiac Disease in Patients with IBS

More evidence indicates need for celiac disease screening.


Study Identifies Potential Celiac Triggers in Gluten

Three peptides may be responsible for immune response; finding could advance drug development.


Study Indicates Presence of Celiac Disease in 1st Century AD

Artifacts suggest symptoms and diet that point to celiac disease.


Five Things Everyone Should Know about Celiac Disease and Quality of Life

By, Ursula Saqui, Ph.D.


Can barley actually treat celiac disease?


Female celiacs living a gluten-free lifestyle should be screened for anxiety

New reasearch looks at effects of celiac disease on mental health.


Celiac Disease Risk Increases with C-Section

babies born vaginally less likely to develop condition says latest study


Mass Screening For Celiac Considered Cost-Effective In Young Adults.


Gluten Sensitivity v. Celiac Disease- What do we know?

By Vikki Petersen DC, CCN


Pediatrics Publishes GI Autism Consensus Report

Acknowledges link between gastrointestinal conditions and autism behaviors.


Pregnancy and Celiac Disease

by Amy Burkhart, MD, RD


Undiagnosed Celiac Disease can compromise Reproductive Health

NFCA founder and president Alice Bast publishes study in the Journal of Practical Gastroenterology.


Gluten Free But Still Feeling Ill?

By, Dr. Vikki Peterson, DC, CCN

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