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Every day, researchers are working to get a better understanding of celiac disease and its various presentations. Ongoing research is also exploring potential drug treatments for celiac disease. To view all information related to drug development and research, please visit our main celiac disease research page. Learn about the Beyond Celiac Science Department here.

Latest Celiac Disease Research Articles


Study Defines Difference Between Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity

Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are on same spectrum, but immune response is entirely different.


Biotech Company Earns NIH Grant to Support Development of Oral Celiac Disease Therapeutic

Avaxia Biologics received $145,000 in funding to develop an “anti-gluten antibody.”


No Increased Risk of Infertility Among Men Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

Men with biopsy-confirmed celiac disease have normal fertility when compared to a non-celiac control group, a new study concluded.


Researchers: Celiac Disease Linked to Asthma

New study finds individuals with celiac are 60% more likely to develop asthma.


Reflux and IBS Can Mean Lower Quality of Life in Cases of Celiac Disease

New research finds that celiac patients who also suffer reflux or IBS report higher incidences of anxiety or depression.


Study Shows Evidence of Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance, But Cause Still Unclear

Non-celiac patients who ascribed to gluten-free diet reported decline in health when gluten was reintroduced.


Pharmaceutical Companies Partner in Plan to Develop Potential Celiac Treatment

Global pharmaceutical company Cephalon Inc. has signed an agreement with Alba Therapeutics regarding a potential celiac disease drug.


Individuals with Celiac Disease May Face Increased Risk of Ischemic Heart Disease

A new study finds celiac disease is associated with death resulting from IHD.


IBD Drug May Help Treat Refractory Celiac Disease

Half of patients studied reported symptom relief within 4 weeks.


Researchers: Hydrolyzed Wheat Flour May Be Safe for Celiacs

Celiac patients showed no adverse effects after consuming baked goods made with fully hydrolyzed wheat, but further studies are needed.


Does Exclusive Breast Feeding Increase Celiac Risk?

UPDATE! NFCA Medical Advisory Board Member shares thoughts. New article says introducing solid foods at 3-4 months could prevent intolerances and allergies.


Case Study Proves Celiac Disease Goes Beyond Gastrointestinal Symptoms

21-year-old woman presents with depressive mood, anemia and clumsiness, but no GI issues.


Celiac Disease and Thyroid Disease: A Two-Way Street

Link reinforces need for early diagnosis and adoption of gluten-free diet.


Review: More Questions than Answers in Celiac Disease and Infertility Research

Studies show that celiac disease affects fertility and pregnancy outcomes, but the mechanisms remain unclear.


Should Individuals with Potential Celiac Disease Go Gluten-Free?

New research suggests that those with positive celiac blood test should adopt gluten-free diet, even if biopsy is normal.


Celiac Disease and Brain Function

Review article highlights potential neurological effects of celiac disease in adults and children.


NIH Board Approves Center for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics

New center will support development of new therapeutics, which bodes well for celiac treatment research.


Could New Antibody Test Detect Celiac Years Before Positive tTG?

Glo-3A antibodies, triggered by autoimmune response to wheat, were higher in children with celiac disease and peaked 2 years before elevated tTG.


More Evidence of Link Between Female Reproductive Issues and Celiac Disease

Study finds women with reproductive problems tested positive for celiac disease more often than control group.


Article: Gluten Sensitivity and the Impact on the Brain

Renowned neurologist notes "remarkable change" in 9-year-old girl after switching to gluten-free diet.


Researchers: Celiac Disease Prevalence May Be Overestimated

A group of Italian researchers suggests that prevalence may be closer to 1 in 160, but two recent studies were left out of review.


UMD Center for Celiac Research Gets $50,000 from Holiday Light Display

Celiac disease researchers reap benefits from Christmas webcam sensation.


Salivary Screening of Celiac Disease in Children Proves Promising

Study of more than 4,000 children indicates that saliva samples could be new, simple tool to speed celiac diagnosis.


Decreased Fertility Evident in Women 2 Years Before Celiac Diagnosis

New study sheds light on link between celiac disease and fertility issues.


Perception of Health on Gluten-Free Diet Differs Among Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Celiacs

New research finds that celiacs who display no signs or symptoms report decreased sense of well-being on gluten-free diet.

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