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Celiac Disease Research Articles


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Every day, researchers are working to get a better understanding of celiac disease and its various presentations. Ongoing research is also exploring potential drug treatments for celiac disease. To view all information related to drug development and research, please visit our main celiac disease research page.

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Latest Celiac Disease Research Articles

One in Five Children Not Healing on the Gluten-Free Diet

​A return to repeat biopsy might be needed to monitor how kids with celiac disease are really doing

Patients Write a Social Media Diary of Living with Gluten Exposure

People living with celiac disease sound off on the realities of trying to live 100% gluten-free. 

Your Social Media Conversations Matter in Celiac Disease Research

Your voice drives celiac disease research. Kristin Voorhees, MA, Beyond Celiac Director of Healthcare Initiatives breaks down how. 

Oh Baby: Infants Play Key Role in Research into How Celiac Disease Develops

Study continues to enroll babies, with goal of following 500 for 5 years

A New Study Illuminates the Ongoing Conversation about Testing for Gluten in Oats Labeled “Gluten-Free”

The controversial topic is explored by food scientists.

“Innovation.” “Cutting Edge.” “Patient-Centric.” Boiling Down the Buzzwords and What They Mean for Real People with Celiac Disease

Beyond Celiac Director of Healthcare Initiatives Kristin Voorhees, MA, recaps a unique conference experience and how new thinking is shaping the future of medicine. 

Gluten Exposure is Common among Celiac Disease Patients

Even those who try to follow a gluten-free diet have resulting symptoms, study finds.

Free Screening Event: Get Your Family Members Tested for Celiac Disease

Join Beyond Celiac as we help at-risk relatives of the diagnosed in North Carolina receive a free blood test for celiac disease.

Up to Half of Patients May Not Fully Respond to a Gluten-Free Diet

Drug to treat non-responsive and refractory celiac disease being tested

Landmark Meeting Identifies Pathway for New Celiac Disease Therapies

Beyond Celiac developing technology to bring stakeholders together

New Research Studies Published on Children with Celiac Disease

Researchers focus on celiac disease management and season of birth

Biopsies and Gene Tests Play a Role in Celiac Disease Diagnosis

Some gaps in knowledge about still exist (part two of a two-part story)

Blood Tests to Diagnose Celiac Disease Under Scrutiny

A review of the evidence shows the tests used in the US have a high rate of accuracy (part one of a two part story)

The Search for Treatment Beyond the Gluten-Free Diet

New research shows promise in turning off the immune response to gluten in those with celiac disease

New Study May Explain Gluten Sensitivity

Researchers may have uncovered a biological reason for non-celiac gluten sensitivity ('gluten sensitivity').

Newly Diagnosed ​with Celiac Disease ​and Living in New England? Advance​ Research in One Simple Step

Researchers are working on an experimental new drug for celiac disease.

Partners of Celiac Disease Patients Experience Caregiving Burden

When celiac disease patients report increased symptoms and lower quality of life, their romantic partners also experience increased burden and relationship strain.

Q&A: Patient Participation in Research

Celiac disease expert Dr. Daniel Leffler and Beyond Celiac Director of Healthcare Initiatives Kristin Voorhees, MA, talk celiac disease research and the patient's role. 

ImmunogenX Donates Patient Reported Outcome Instruments to the Foundation for Celiac Disease Outcome Measures

Industry and academic researchers to be given access to a celiac disease dedicated patient reported outcome (PRO) tool set for use in clinical trials 

New Research Study for Refractory Celiac Disease Looking for Participants

A research study is testing an investigational medication called AMG 714 for people with refractory celiac disease type II.

Avalon Ventures and COI Pharmaceuticals Announce First Milestones for Sitari Pharmaceuticals and Silarus Therapeutics and Formation of Eighth Company

Under the expanded collaboration between Avalon Ventures and GSK, eighth company, PDI Therapeutics, is launched to develop novel immuno-oncology therapies.

Celimmune Commences First-Ever Dosing with AMG 714 in Celiac Disease

A new clinical trial for celiac disease is underway.

Share Your Concerns about Arsenic in Rice

Researchers are looking for feedback from the celiac disease community on their concerns around arsenic in rice. 

Celimmune Commences Screening in Phase 2 Clinical Study in Refractory Celiac Disease Type II

Multinational study to evaluate the potential of Anti-IL-15 antibody, AMG 714, to treat rare in situ small bowel T cell ymphoma.

ImmunogenX Acquires the Assets of Alvine Pharmaceuticals

Glutenase for in-vivo gluten degradation is a leading candidate for celiac disease

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