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Top Research News Posts of 2016


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We gathered your favorite Research News posts from 2016 in one place.

Close-up of man looking into a microscope.At Beyond Celiac, we believe that informing celiac disease patients about new medical and scientific research is essential to making sure you have access to the best information and care now and into the future. That's why we regularly update our Research News feed with accessible posts that don't require a medical degree to decipher. 

Did you miss any celiac disease research news from the past year? Here are our most read posts from 2016:

  1. New Study May Explain Gluten Sensitivity
  2. Gluten Exposure is Common among Celiac Disease Patients
  3. Innovate Biopharmaceuticals Completes License for Late-Stage Celiac Disease Asset from Alba Therapeutics
  4. Blood Tests to Diagnose Celiac Disease under Scrutiny
  5. Up to Half of Patients May Not Fully Respond to a Gluten-Free Diet
  6. Oh Baby: Infants Play Key Role in Research into How Celiac Disease Develops
  7. Celimmune Commences Screening in Phase 2 Clinical Study in Refractory Celiac Disease Type II
  8. Landmark Meeting Identifies Pathway for New Celiac Disease Therapies
  9. Biopsies and Gene Tests Play a Role in Celiac Disease Diagnosis
  10. Celimmune Commences First-Ever Dosing with AMG 714 in Celiac Disease

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