Internal Control Affects Gluten-Free Diet Compliance |
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Internal Control Affects Gluten-Free Diet Compliance


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Celiacs with strong internal control stick to the gluten-free diet and report higher quality of life, study finds.

The gluten-free diet is challenging to maintain, but it may be harder for some to uphold than it is for others. A recent study in Italy found that celiacs with high compliance on the gluten-free diet tended to have a greater internal locus of control. Those with strong internal control also reported a higher quality of life than those who had less internal control.

Researchers believe the “locus of control” model can be used to help identify celiacs who may stray from their gluten-free diet.

“Given the enhanced, psychological, and social well being that can result from adherence to a GFD, educational and psychological support can help internalize the LoC in those patients at risk for dietary transgression,” the researchers concluded.

The article is available online via PubMed.

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