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Celiac Disease: An Underappreciated Issue in Women’s Health


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Extensive literature review shows potential role of celiac disease in women’s health issues and indicates need for greater awareness among healthcare providers.

While many associate celiac disease with gastrointestinal issues, the autoimmune digestive disorder can also be at the root of many women’s health issues, according to a review of recent research. Authored by Sveta Shah and Daniel Leffler of the Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, “Celiac disease: an underappreciated issue in women’s health” summarizes numerous studies that found celiac disease to have a role in infertility, pregnancy complications and reduced bone mineral density.

The article lays out many issues in question and answer form, using research findings to answer such queries as “Is the prevalence of CD higher in women with unexplained fertility” and “What are the pregnancy outcomes associated with CD?”

The authors conclude that more awareness and testing is needed to improve diagnosis of celiac disease. As diagnosis increases, researchers will be better able to determine the clinical associations of celiac disease, such as fertility and bone density issues.

The article was published in the Sept. 2010 issue of Women’s Health.

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