Lab Uses Milk Protein to Mimic Gluten |
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Lab Uses Milk Protein to Mimic Gluten


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New solution could give gluten-free bread better texture.


Trials are underway to replace gluten in bread with a combination of functional milk proteins from Arla Foods Ingredients – and results, so far, are promising.

Through simulating the protein structure and functionality of wheat gluten, the aim is to create solutions for gluten-free baked goods that achieve better quality and texture. Celiacs and gluten-free eaters often report that bread becomes dry or crumbly when gluten is taken out of the mix.

One of the quality benefits of functional milk proteins is their neutral taste--an improvement on those solutions based on vegetable protein that have an “off-flavor,” according to a release from Arla Foods Ingredients.

This gluten-free development is based on initial findings of a food science student, who conducted study-related research in the Arla Foods Ingredients bakery lab.



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