More Evidence of Link Between Female Reproductive Issues and Celiac Disease |
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More Evidence of Link Between Female Reproductive Issues and Celiac Disease


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Study finds women with reproductive problems tested positive for celiac disease more often than control group.

 Research has repeatedly indicated that celiac disease may play a role in women’s health problems, and a new study has reinforced that connection.

Conducted in India, the study examined 893 women, dividing the participants among those suffering from idiopathic recurrent abortion (104), stillbirth (104), unexplained infertility (230), idiopathic intrauterine growth restriction (150), and controls (305).

The women underwent serologic testing for celiac disease, and positive serology was found more often among women with a reproductive issue than women in the control group. Among the higher figures, 9.33% of women with intrauterine growth restriction tested positive for latent celiac disease, and so did 6.70% of women with recurrent abortion.

Researchers concluded that women with poor reproductive health may suffer from latent celiac disease, and recommended serologic testing for women struggling with reproductive issues.

  The study was published in Sterility and Fertility, the journal of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

*For more information on this issue, download the Beyond Celiac educational brochure, "Celiac Disease and Women's Health: A Guide to Understanding."


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