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Update on Journal Article Covering "46-Year-Old Woman with Celiac Disease"


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NFCA Medical Advisory Board Member Dr. Daniel Leffler addresses the case.

Last month, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) posted a case study about a middle aged woman recently diagnosed with celiac disease. The article called for readers to respond.

Beyond Celiac Medical Advisory Board Member Dr. Daniel Leffler served as the discussant for the article. In his discussion, Dr. Leffler noted the challenges to celiac disease diagnosis, including "nonspecific and highly heterogeneous" symptoms. He also addressed the risks of going undiagnosed and the burdens that diagnosed individuals face:

"Although celiac disease is often considered a mild disorder treatable with simple dietary changes, in reality celiac disease imparts considerable risks, including reduced bone mineral density, impaired quality of life, and increased overall mortality. In addition, a gluten-free diet is highly burdensome and can profoundly affect patients and their families. For these reasons, care of individuals with celiac disease requires prompt diagnosis and ongoing multidisciplinary management."

To read the full response and original article, visit JAMA online.

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