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Celiac School Improves Well-Being of Diagnosed Women on a Gluten-Free Diet


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Celiac women who completed 10-session problem-based program reported increase in psychological well-being.

Celiac disease can have an impact on psychological well-being even years after a diagnosis is made. The gluten-free diet requires constant attention and can be isolating in social situations. A new study, however, shows that patient education can combat the psychological challenges associated with celiac disease.

Researchers in Sweden found that celiac women who attended a “Celiac School” reported improvements in psychological well-being after 10 weeks, and maintained that positive improvement 6 months after the program’s conclusion. The School was a 10-session program grounded in problem-based learning, according to the researchers.

Women with celiac disease who did not attend the “Celiac School,” but instead received information sent to their home, reported a decline in psychological well-being after the 10-week period, the study noted.

All of the women who participated had confirmed celiac disease and had been on a gluten-free diet for at least 5 years.

Read more about the Celiac School study.


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