Gluten-Free Diet Improves Body Mass Index (BMI) in People with Celiac Disease |
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Gluten-Free Diet Improves Body Mass Index (BMI) in People with Celiac Disease


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Finnish study finds that gluten-free diet can help normalize weight, both in underweight and overweight individuals with celiac.

In recent years, more individuals with celiac disease have been overweight at the time of diagnosis, causing concern since historically a gluten-free diet allows weight gain. However, a recent study in Finland looking at the impact of a gluten-free diet on overweight patients shows that a gluten-free diet improves the body mass index (BMI). 

According to the study conducted at the University of Tampere in Finland, data was obtained by survey from individuals who had recently been diagnosed with celiac disease and joined the Finnish Celiac Society, all of whom had just embarked on a gluten-free diet. 1,864 individuals were surveyed with 1,062 responding, but only 698 were eligible for the study.

The results showed favorable changes in individuals after one year of following a gluten-diet: 69% of individuals initially underweight achieved normal weight; 87% of individuals who were at normal weight remained so; and weight loss was indicated in 18% of those initially overweight and 42% of those initially obese.

To read the full article: Changes in body mass index on a gluten-free diet in coeliac disease: A nationwide study

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