Scientists Use Infrared Radiation to Reduce Fat in Gluten-Free Doughnuts |
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Scientists Use Infrared Radiation to Reduce Fat in Gluten-Free Doughnuts


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A new study reveals ongoing work to improve taste and choice among gluten-free products.

In the hunt to improve the quality, flavor and variety of gluten-free products, food scientists have discovered a new tool to cut the fat.

A study published in the Journal of Food Engineering found the fat content in gluten-free doughnuts can be reduced by using infrared radiation (IR).  By partially frying gluten-free doughnuts and then using IR technology, the researchers were able to lower fat content to 23.7-28.2% versus the typical 27.2% in a fully-fried gluten-free doughnut.

While the partially-fried gluten-free doughnuts were found to be comparable to fully-fried gluten-free doughnuts in taste and texture, they didn’t stand up when compared to wheat doughnuts.  The researchers called for continuing work to improve gluten-free formulation to achieve a more “sensorially similar” product.

Interestingly, when tested on wheat-containing doughnuts, the IR process did not maintain the same taste as a fully-fried wheat doughnut. 

Read the full study results from Bakery and Snacks.    


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