Case Study Reveals an Unsuspected Source of Gluten |
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Case Study Reveals an Unsuspected Source of Gluten


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Updated information! A 9-year-old’s orthodontic retainer was found to be the cause of ongoing celiac disease symptoms, despite a strict elimination of gluten from her diet. 

Updated information!

Amy Jones, MS, RD and Tricia Thompson, MS, RD published a post on on November 26, 2013 regarding this case study.  According to the expert dietitians, "There does not seem to be enough information provided in this case to demonstrate a true cause and effect between retainer use and tTg levels."  Read the full explanation in the post entitled, "Do Parents of Children with Celiac Disease Really have to Worry that their Children's Retainers Contain Gluten?"

Original Post:

A recent case study serves as an important reminder that gluten can be hidden in many products outside of food and beverages.  Although she was maintaining a strict gluten-free diet, a 9-year-old girl continued to experience celiac-associated symptoms and blood tests confirmed she was still in fact being exposed to gluten.  The culprit was found to be her orthodontic retainer, which contained gluten by way of plasticized methacrylate polymer.

Read the full case study here.  


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