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List of Gluten-Free Foods & Snacks

June 21, 2011

List of Gluten-Free Foods & Snacks

June 21, 2011


Where can I get a list of gluten-free foods and safe snacks?




Hi Lynne. If you visit NFCA’s Printable Guides section (under the ‘Resources’ tab), you will find some great resources. The Getting Started Guide, Gluten-Free Candy List, Gluten-Free Status of Energy Bars, and several other options are there free for you to download.

Here are a few other resources:

Triumph Dining: This company sells a grocery shopping guide and a restaurant guide that many people find useful.

Clan Thompson Celiac Site: This company has lists that you can download to get information on the gluten-free status of foods. Look at the “software” page or FAQs to see what they have to offer.

There are many other lists online, but I find that these two seem to be very diligent about researching the products they list as gluten-free. However, because manufacturers change ingredients without notice, it is best to always contact specific companies yourself for any product for which you have questions. Simply contact the company directly. Most companies now list nutrition information directly on their website. Or you can contact them through email or phone with your question. I have been in the grocery store many times and called companies to find out the gluten status of their products through an 800 number on the food label. The good news is there are many thousands of products available in grocery stores now.


Nancy Dickens, BS, RD, LDN


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