Getting Started on Gluten-Free Diet

April 26, 2011

Getting Started on Gluten-Free Diet

April 26, 2011


I just found out that I have celiac and my insurance does not pay for a dietitian. I have no idea what I can and cannot eat. I am also a diabetic and cannot eat seafood of any kind. Can you help?




Hi Carol. Please have a look around the NFCA website: There is a Getting Started Guide that will help you determine what you can and cannot eat on a gluten-free diet. (Additional handouts and guides can be found in NFCA’s Printable Guides section). You need to eliminate wheat, barley and rye from your diet, including any products made with those grains.

Combining a diabetic diet with a gluten-free diet does take a little extra work. It is important that you measure your blood sugar frequently as you transition to a gluten-free diet.

I would also suggest finding a support group in your area. They are a great resource for connecting with other individuals who are also managing celiac disease. There are many other protein options you can have besides seafood, including beef, poultry, nuts, eggs and beans.


Nancy Dickens, BS, RD, LDN