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Dietary Supplements for Teens

October 7, 2016

Dietary Supplements for Teens

October 07, 2016


What dietary supplements would you recommend for teens with celiac disease?


People with celiac disease often have nutritional deficiencies. This is sometimes due to incomplete intestinal healing and sometimes it is due to inherent deficiencies in the gluten-free diet. While there are some common nutrient deficiencies, your child’s doctor is the best person to monitor these deficiencies. It’s then best to meet with a registered dietitian to assess your teen’s diet and help determine if supplements are right for them. Once you and your care team determine the best supplements, make sure to verify the gluten-free status of any vitamins or supplements before purchasing. ShopRite’s website can assist you in finding a Registered Dietitian that you can visit at any ShopRite store or look for a referral from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to find one in your community.


Natalie Menza, RD
Corporate Dietitian for ShopRite Supermarkets


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