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Cross-Contact and Dry Pulses

September 21, 2016

Cross-Contact and Dry Pulses

September 21, 2016


Do I have to worry about cross-contact and foods like lentils, split peas and beans?


Cross-contact in manufacturing can occur with any source ingredient, so if you are purchasing products that are not labeled gluten-free, it’s important to understand the risk so that you can make an educated decision when cooking for someone with celiac disease. Grains and flours are the highest risk due to overlapping farming and production practices, including crop rotation, transport, milling, etc. Pulses are a less risky ingredient than grains, but still do carry some risk. Fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy are the lowest risk ingredients. To minimize the risk with dry pulses even more, you can visually inspect and rinse them before cooking.


Natalie Menza, RD
Corporate Dietitian for ShopRite Supermarkets


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