April 2019

April 21, 2019

Note from Alice: Oh, The Places We’ll Go… Together! An Overview of Upcoming Beyond Celiac Events

Winter is over and it’s finally spring. The snow’s melted, the cold is slipping away, and here at Beyond Celiac, we’re already looking forward to all that the coming seasons have to bring! This includes some fantastic events we have planned for you throughout the remainder of 2019. We’re excited to be hosting so many new activities this year to help us meet our goals of driving diagnosis, advancing research and accelerating the discovery of new treatments and a cure. Oh, and we’re ready for some fun, too!

To kick things off, on May 30th we’ll give Celiac Awareness Month a magnificent sendoff with our 3rd Annual Research Symposium at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The symposium will be moderated by our own Chief Scientific Officer Marie Robert MD, and feature panelists Joseph Murray, MD, of The Mayo Clinic; Sonia Kupfer, MD, of University of Chicago; and Linda S. Deal, MS, of Pfizer, discussing the latest in celiac disease research. Topics will include the intricacies of non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and the ways that patients can help drive research towards a cure for this serious autoimmune disease. Not to mention that the entire event, including a gluten-free reception with food, wine, and the chance to mingle with the Beyond Celiac team, is completely FREE (while tickets last)! For those who want to join the festivities but can’t make it to Philadelphia, don’t worry, we’ll be hosting a live webcast of the event too.

In June we’ll launch our inaugural Step Beyond Celiac Philly 5K at the Philadelphia Zoo. Participants can create teams, order gluten-free lunches and explore the zoo afterwards! While the event isn’t until June 9th, consider registering by April 15th to save with our Early Bird Deadline, and by June 4th to sign up for a gluten-free lunch. Volunteer opportunities are also available. Additionally, on September 29th in Kansas City, where we first launched Step Beyond Celiac, we’ll be having our 3rd annual Step Beyond Celiac KC5k! And on October 12th in Dallas, we will also hold the first SBC Dallas 5K! If you can’t make it to these events but still want to participate, join our Step Beyond Celiac Virtual Walk and walk alongside others from around the country and beyond. Register for the Virtual Walk before May 13th and receive a free Step Beyond Celiac t-shirt.

Finally, in October, we’ll host our 2019 Beyond Celiac Gala & Concert at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia. The Gala will honor Philadelphia philanthropist Carole Haas Gravagno, a driving force behind numerous Philadelphia education and arts organizations, and feature a gluten-free cocktail reception and a seated dinner by the Garces Group in the Kimmel’s Hamilton Garden. Afterwards, guests will have the pleasure of watching renowned operatic tenor and Beyond Celiac spokesman Arturo Chacón-Cruz’s Philadelphia Debut at the Kimmel Center’s Perelman Theater. While this event is not yet open for registration, be on the lookout for more information in coming newsletters and through our social media pages.

Whew! That’s a lot of celiac disease awareness! As always, you can find these and other happenings of interest to our community on our website under the events tab and on our Beyond Celiac social media pages. Registration and participation in our activities will help fund research grants, advocacy efforts and, ultimately, a life Beyond Celiac.

To Living Life Beyond Celiac,            

Alice Bast

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Gluten-Free Cooking with Oonagh 


No Bake Easter Sweet Cheese Mold

Also known as Lithuanian Flowerpot cheese (saldus sūris) or Russian Paskha.




About Chef Oonagh Williams 

Chef Oonagh Williams

Chef Oonagh Williams holds a culinary arts degree and spends her time cooking, writing, speaking, and educating the public on gluten-free and allergy-free diets. She herself has celiac disease along with other food allergies. When not writing or speaking nationally, she teaches cooking classes, hosts dinner parties, and offers one-on-one help. Buy her Delicious Gluten-Free Cooking e-book; like her Facebook page, Gluten-Free Cooking with Oonagh, where she posts recipes, links to her appearances, and gluten-free products she’s discovered; and connect with her for help in following a food allergy diet.


Inactive Ingredients in Drugs May Contain Gluten 

A celiac disease patient who developed symptoms after taking medication in a capsule made with unlabeled wheat starch prompted a Boston gastroenterologist to investigate inactive ingredients in drugs.



Meet the SSCD-Beyond Celiac Grant Winner

Marisa Gallant Stahl, M.D. was recently selected as the recipient of the Society for the Study of Celiac Disease/Beyond Celiac Early Career Investigator grant. Stahl will receive nearly $75,000 for each of two years for a study to evaluate the impact of celiac disease on the health and quality of life of children who are identified through a mass screening program. READ MORE

Phase 2 Clinical Trial for Celiac Drug Candidate is Recruiting Participants

A new celiac disease clinical trial was launched in March. ImmunogenX, a California company focused on advancing research and therapies to aid in celiac disease management and diagnostics received funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the study, which is being conducted at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN.


Allergic Living: Gluten-Free Spring Rolls

By Joel Schaefer and Mary Schaefer

Vietnamese rolls are hugely popular, but those with allergies usually must keep their distance. From shrimp to peanuts, soy or dairy, these are usually little wraps of reactivity. But it needn’t be this way. Our refreshing rolls are light and delicious, filled with great and healthful colors and crunch.

READ MORE on Allergic Living.

Photo credit: Allergic Living/Andrew Grinton


Sign Up for Step Beyond Celiac Philly 5K!

Join us for our inaugural Step Beyond Celiac Philly 5K at the Philadelphia Zoo on June 9! The course will take participants throughout the zoo, a truly unique experience. Step Beyond Celiac 5Ks raise funds to support Beyond Celiac research efforts and are a fun time for the entire family. REGISTER NOW



Register for the 3rd Annual Celiac Disease Research Symposium

On May 30th we’ll host our 3rd Annual Research Symposium at the University of Pennsylvania! The entire event, including a reception with wine and gluten-free food, is FREE and open to the public. Experts will discuss some of the most pressing topics in celiac disease research including the latest in clinical trials, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and how patients can help the push towards a cure. REGISTER HERE


Start a Facebook Fundraiser for Beyond Celiac

Happy birthmonth to all our April-born community members! When your big day rolls around, consider “donating” it to Beyond Celiac so that we can help fund new research scientists in the celiac disease field! START YOUR FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER




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