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April 22, 2015

April 2015

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Growth screening in kids

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NFCA President and CEO Alice BastNote from Alice

Thank You for Being Part of the Conversation

NFCA President and CEO

Research has always been central to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness’ (NFCA) mission. When I first founded the organization in 2003, I knew that we had to work to raise awareness of celiac disease so people could get diagnosed before NFCA could play a larger role in research. Now that awareness of celiac disease is higher than ever, we’re able to put even more attention towards accelerating research. Over the past 12 years, NFCA has connected with the community to understand your unmet needs while simultaneously collaborating with researchers and physicians to analyze data to work towards solutions for these issues. Our ultimate goal is to help you live your life to the fullest, despite living with this serious genetic autoimmune disease.

Within the last year and a half, we have increased our conversations with you about research and the changes that are happening in the field of celiac disease. Potential pharmaceutical treatments are on the horizon. Scientists are waist-deep in the search for answers on the causes of celiac disease and why more of us are affected by this serious genetic autoimmune disease now than just 50 years ago.

Some of these concepts are new for those of us living with celiac disease. Over the years, we’ve been told that our disease is a figment of our imaginations. That we’re picky eaters, fad dieters or simply fakers. And that’s only after we have fought an average of 6-10 years to get the answer to our ailments. It’s been a long, frustrating road for many of us.

Despite this, we are on the brink of change. Research is bringing us closer to solutions to the day to day struggles living with an autoimmune disease can bring.

Kimberly Moyer and Alice Bast and the FDA's GREAT3 Workshoo

Me (right) with Kimberly Moyer, NFCA’s
Director of Development at the GREAT3 Workshop

Big things have happened in celiac disease research over the past few weeks alone. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hosted the GREAT3 Workshop this week, which focused on identifying and discussing solutions to address the unmet medical needs of people with celiac disease. (More on this landmark event to come!) Drugs are advancing through the clinical trial process and we continue to have new contenders enter the market on a regular basis. In just two weeks, NFCA will host a 2015 Research Summit aimed at using community feedback to shape a formalized knowledge-sharing process between those living with celiac disease and the researchers working to help us live better, longer.

I must emphasize that you, our community members, have helped to make these research advances possible. It is your feedback, comments and questions that drive our mission and our work. So, for this newsletter note, I would just like to say thank you. Since my own diagnosis of celiac disease, my life’s mission has been to help those suffering with celiac disease find an answer. I am proud to be a part of this research movement that is pushing us closer to being able to eat without fear and to live our lives to the fullest, despite celiac disease.

I strongly encourage you to stay up-to-date on the research that is happening in the field. Sign up for NFCA’s Research Opt-In today to receive periodic communication on the major news in the field of celiac disease and how you can be a part of it.

And, of course, please keep talking to NFCA on social media. You are at the core of what we do and your opinions and experiences are critical to our work.

To our GREAT health,


Donate Now.

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Boar's Head Gluten-Free Meats, Cheeses and Condiments

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Cooking with Oonagh

Easter Recipes

This is a hearty soup, so only serve a small portion for your Easter Meal.

Greek Egg and Lemon SoupThe original recipe came from one of those tiny church cookbooks (only Greek recipes) from a friend, Sheila, who married into a Greek-American family. She’s changed it to their liking and I did as well, based on what I had and what I liked. Some people (like me) prefer it extremely lemony – my husband does not.

Adapted from regular flour by Scott Phillips of Fine Cooking, 2004

Fastest Fudge Cake with Chocolate Ganache and Nut Toffee This is easier, quicker and has less fat than my regular chocolate cake, which contains a lot of melted chocolate, butter and sour cream. I fancied making this with almond meal and then also made it with hazelnut meal. Very brownie-ish, very tender and easily breaks when warm.

About Chef Oonagh Williams

Chef Oonagh Williams

Watch the clip with an Irish Cream version of this fudge cake on WMUR’s Cook’s Corner. Like her at Gluten-Free Cooking with Oonagh on Facebook. Look for interviews with Chef Oonagh and radio appearances posted on Gluten Free Cooking with Oonagh.

Chef Oonagh also does Corporate Lunch ‘n’ Learns and speaks at celiac disease conferences. Her Delicious Gluten Free Cooking eBook makes a great Easter gift. Recipes from kid-friendly pancakes and Belgian waffles to adult indulgent English trifle and Tiramisu.

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Crunchmaster gluten-free

Allergic Living Sneak Peek

Study Calls for Growth Screening to Detect Celiac Disease

By Ishani Nath
Kid using a growth chart

Children’s growth rates could be the key to catching celiac disease early, according to a major study out of Finland.

“Prior to diagnosis, growth faltered in most children with celiac,” the researchers stated in the study. “These children could have been detected several years earlier by a well-established growth-monitoring program.”

Continue reading.

Photo credit: AllergicLiving.com & Thinkstock

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Need new reasons to kiss the cook? Try Rudi's Gluten-Free Recipes.

Resource Spotlight: The Research Opt-In

Welcome to our newest eNewsletter segment! We’re highlighting an NFCA resource every month to make sure you get the tools you need most.

Research Opt-In

It’s an exciting time in celiac disease research! You can keep up-to-date on the biggest news in research, plus ways to get involved, simply by signing up for the NFCA Research Opt-In.

Stay in the know! Opt-in today.

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Enjoy Life. Eat Friendly.

Living Gluten-Free on a Budget

Living gluten-free on a budget

When it comes to living with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, many in our community say that managing the increased cost of gluten-free alternatives is one of the biggest challenges they face. NFCA is here to help! Throughout April, we’ll share tips for finding the balance of maintaining a healthy gluten-free diet without breaking the (piggy) bank.

We’re looking to our community members to share their money-saving tips and recipes, too! Each week, we’ll post a question or call for recipe photos on Facebook. We’ll randomly select a participant to win a gluten-free prize pack from our sponsor, Pamela’s Products.

Download Your Free Copy: NFCA’s Gluten-Free on a Budget Tip Sheet

Pamela's logo

Thanks to Pamela’s Products for making this campaign possible!

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The NFCA-Endorsed Gluten-Free Certification Program

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness Gluten-Free Certification Seal We know how frustrating and nerve-wracking it can be to identify the gluten-free status of a product found on the grocery store shelves. That’s why NFCA endorses the Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP), run by our partners at The Allergen Control Group. When you see our logo on a gluten-free product, you can rest assured that the product and manufacturer abide by the strictest procedures and protocols, designed to keep people with celiac disease safe from gluten exposure.

The GFCP is different because it takes more to earn its seal of approval than end-product testing alone. The program examines the entire production process of the facility – from ingredient sourcing to employee training, cleaning practices, cross-contact controls, operational management and, finally, an effective end-to-end testing plan.

Learn more about the GFCP and the products that have earned its seal of approval here.

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Gluten-Free Religious Holidays: Recipes and Product Suggestions

Two major religious holidays are right around the corner: Passover and Easter. To help make your celebrations easier, we’ve compiled this list of products and recipes appropriate for Passover and Easter. Check them out below and feel free to share your favorite holiday recipe with us on Facebook!

Passover Products:

Passover Recipes:

Easter Recipes:

Get more timely recipes in NFCA’s Gluten-Free Seasonal Recipe Box! For those of you celebrating Easter, visit About.com for their Gluten-Free Easter Candy List. Be sure to double check the labels before purchasing and eating!

*While this recipe is gluten-free, not all recipes on this website are gluten-free. As with all recipes, be sure to check all ingredients to ensure they are gluten-free before making.

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Coming Attractions:

Free Webinar: What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You about Celiac Disease Prevention – Hear It from the Experts!
Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 1 p.m. EDT/10 a.m. PDT

It is well known that a diagnosis of celiac disease is followed by a slew of challenges and roadblocks:– significantly higher grocery bills, associated health concerns, limitations on socializing, travel, dining out and everything in between. What if we could prevent these roadblocks altogether?

Researchers have increasingly been focused on the prevention of celiac disease in recent years, testing many different theories. Learn about these studies and how researchers are working to set a different course for those who are at risk of developing celiac disease. Join experts Alessio Fasano, MD, Carlo Catassi, MD, and Sabine Vriezinga, MD in this very special webinar as we delve into the latest endeavors in celiac disease prevention research.

Register button

Crunchmaster logo

Sponsored by Crunchmaster, this webinar is free of charge!

Celiac Awareness Day with the Philadelphia Phillies
Sunday, May 17, 2015 at 1:35 p.m.

Celiac Awareness Day with the Philadelphia Phillies is back! This year, it’s happening right in the middle of May – Celiac Awareness Month. Come out to support the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) and help us raise awareness of celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity (‘gluten sensitivity’) and the gluten-free diet.

Just like in years past, there will be a dedicated gluten-free concession stand and the NFCA gang will be on the 200 level by the Hall of Fame to provide educational materials to game attendees. Stop by NFCA’s table to meet the NFCA team and enter a free raffle to win a basket of Phillies memorabilia and other fun surprises. Our friends at Aramark also will offer a free raffle for your chance to win four tickets to a regular season game in section 118, a complimentary food coupon (valued at $40) and a free parking pass.

Grab your tickets by May 1 before they’re sold out! A portion of ticket sales benefit NFCA’s free programs and services.

Get the full scoop on Celiac Awareness Day with the
Philadelphia Phillies and buy your tickets today!

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