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Getting to the Bottom of Persistent Celiac Disease Symptoms

Refractory celiac disease is rarely the cause
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Note from Alice: Taking Celiac Disease Research BEYOND in 2019!

Can you believe its 2019? Last year flew by, bringing with it advances in celiac disease research – that 15 years ago were not even on the horizon. Back then, there were hardly any accessible food options and so many of us were undiagnosed since the medical community had little to no awareness of the disease — especially in adults.

When we began, awareness and diagnosis were our focus. We launched the first ever National Awareness Campaign in partnership with Quest Diagnostics that resulted in increasing testing for celiac disease by a whopping 40 percent!

Today, we are happy to say that we heard you and 2019 brings with it a new at-home diagnostic tool, called imaware. This test is the first of its kind and will allows people to order their own celiac disease antibody blood test — the same one that your doctor would order — without having to talk a doctor into it or even set foot in a doctor’s office.

How many of you had to plead with your doctor to get tested? I did. Now, people with symptoms or who otherwise suspect celiac disease will no longer have to convince their doctors or visit multiple specialists before receiving a blood test. And, so many community members start excluding gluten from their diet before they are tested because they have to wait so long for an appointment. They can simply order a testing kit to be delivered to their home. It is a huge advance for those at risk of celiac disease, especially those who live in regions of the country that may not have doctors that are familiar with celiac disease.

Beyond Celiac has partnered with Microdrop, the company that makes imaware, and with each testing kit sold, a portion of the sale goes toward expanding our programs for the community.

imaware™ is just one big leap forward in at home celiac disease management.. Tools such as the Gluten Detective, the over-the-counter stool and urine gluten tests allows patients to test themselves for gluten exposure.

For Beyond Celiac, we have been able to advance our mission to include finding a treatment and a cure. Our Annual Research Symposium brings together researchers from around the globe to talk about exciting advances being made in celiac disease science, such as the gut-microbiome connection, possible treatments utilizing immunotherapy/nanoparticles, and so much more! And, last year, Beyond Celiac announced our first Early Career Grant, an award designed to attract new researchers to the celiac disease field, one long neglected in NIH funding. With this grant, we will be seeing bigger leaps forward in 2019 and beyond!

Everything happening is because of the hard work of the celiac disease community, its researchers and the dedicated staffers working hard every day at Beyond Celiac. More importantly, we couldn’t do all this with YOU. We want to hear from you. Tell us about yourself and why you want a cure. This year, please consider donatingto Beyond Celiac to help us achieve our goals of accelerating research to one day find real treatments and a cure. Or, buy your friends and family an imaware celiac disease testing kit! Portions of sales come back to Beyond Celiac while together we work to increase the diagnosis rate. Thank you for all your support, your partnership and have a wonderful New Year!

To living life Beyond Celiac,

Alice Bast

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Gluten-Free Cooking with Oonagh

Gluten-Free Canoli Dip

Perfect to sweeten any party, Friday night football, or the Super Bowl!


Gluten-Free Spicy Sausage & Bean Chili

A high-fiber, slightly spicy gluten-free soup that’s sure to warm (and fill) you up in no time!

About Chef Oonagh Williams

Chef Oonagh Williams

British born Chef Oonagh Williams holds a culinary arts degree and spends her time cooking, writing, speaking, and educating the public on gluten-free and allergy-free diets. She herself has celiac disease along with other food allergies. When not writing or speaking nationally on food, she teaches cooking classes, hosts dinner parties, and offers one-on-one help. Locally, she teaches healthier food cooking classes including vegetarian cooking for everyone, as most real food is naturally gluten-free and free of many other allergens. Chef Oonagh had the honor of being a speaker at the Boston Celiac Symposium, alongside top doctors from Beth Israel, Mass General, and Harvard Medical School.

Buy herDelicious Gluten-Free Cooking e-book, over 200 pages, full color photos, only $20;

like her Facebook page, Gluten-Free Cooking with Oonagh, where she posts recipes, links to her appearances, and gluten-free products she’s discovered; and connect with her on Skype for help in following a food allergy diet.

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Getting to the Bottom of Persistent Celiac Disease Symptoms

Refractory celiac disease is rarely the cause so physicians need to rule out more common reasons…


At-Home Test for Celiac Disease Launches

A new at-home celiac disease test being launched this week by Microdrop Health, a Houston based company, could help patients get their doctors to more quickly take the steps needed for diagnosis.


Allergic Living:Renovate Your Gluten-Free Diet: Celebrating the Foods You Can Eat

By Pauline Comeau

Don’t reduce eating to a white rice regimen. It’s time to celebrate the many incredible foods you can eat.

Allergic Living.

Photo credit: Allergic Living/Andrew Grinton

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Our science team discussed the changing world of celiac disease!


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