Beyond Celiac: Celiac Disease in the News

Beyond Celiac: Celiac Disease in the News

Welcome to Celiac Disease in the News, your one-stop-shop for all the gluten-free news you can use. Beyond Celiac is bringing you updates on all things related to celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity ('gluten sensitivity') and the gluten-free diet in one convenient location.


Blazing a Trail for People with Celiac Disease

Beyond Celiac CEO Alice Bast receives the Philadelphia Magazine Trailblazer Award for her work in the celiac disease field.


Think, Care, Act: Celiac Disease is Focal Point of School Project

Beyond Celiac volunteer Elle Miller shines light on celiac disease for school project.


Beyond Celiac CEO Alice Bast Wins the "Trailblazer Award"

Alice Bast is recognized by Philadelphia Magazine for over a decade of service to people living with celiac disease.


Create a Fundraiser for Beyond Celiac on Facebook and Get a Chance at a FREE Breadmaker

Help support the Beyond Celiac mission! All you have to do is create a Facebook fundraiser.


Gluten-Free Watchdog Demonstrates Difficulty in Testing for Hot Spots Using Nima Sensor

Gluten Free Watchdog tests two popular oat products using the Nima sensor.


Celiac Disease on "The Doctors": Alice Bast of Beyond Celiac Shares the Truth about the Disease

Celiac disease takes center stage on The Doctors, a national syndicated television show.


Top Facebook Conversations of 2016

Over 130,000 people follow Beyond Celiac on Facebook. We share our favorite Facebook conversations from 2016.


Top News Posts of 2016

We rounded up the 10 most read Celiac Disease in the News posts of the year.


Top Gluten-Free Recipes of 2016

We rounded up our favorite gluten-free recipes of the year.


The Nima Sensor: A Portable Gluten Testing Device

Beyond Celiac shares everything you need to know about the pros and cons of the Nima device.


How the Nima Device Changed Our World – But Probably Not in the Way You’d Guess

The Beyond Celiac team tried the Nima out in the real world.


A Gluten-Free Love Story

After his wife was diagnosed with celiac disease, baker Dan Trygar was on a mission to create healthy bread products she could eat safely, without sacrificing on taste. The result? Three Bakers' gluten-free bread.


Beyond Celiac Board Member Denise Devine Wins Prestigious Iris Newman Award

Denise Devine will receive a top honor from the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs


Take Back Control of Your Body This Holiday Season

Follow these tips for a guilt-free, gluten-free Thanksgiving.


Alice Bast Talks Functional Medicine with Dr. Mark Hyman

Beyond Celiac CEO Alice Bast talks about taking a holistic approach to health with Dr. Mark Hyman.


Gluten-Free Halloween Candy List 2016 (Updated for 2017)

Get a head start on sorting the Halloween candy with help from Beyond Celiac Blogger Ambassador Taylor Miller of GlutenAway.


Where Are We - the Patients - in All of This?

Beyond Celiac CEO Alice Bast challenges the gluten-free conversation in an effort to put the spotlight on celiac disease -- not its treatment.


GREAT Kitchens Makes an Appearance on the Celiac Project Podcast

The director of GREAT Kitchens and Schools speaks on the Celiac Project podcast about the gluten-free foodservice training program offered by Beyond Celiac.


Unveil the M.A.S.K. to a Safe and Fun Gluten-Free Halloween

Don’t let the gluten-free diet prevent your child from enjoying a Halloween night full of treats.


Interview with Paul Graham, Author of "In Memory of Bread"

We interview Paul Graham about his 2016 memoir, In Memory of Bread, and life after his celiac disease diagnosis.


Cosmopolitan Covers the Link between Celiac Disease and Infertility

The popular magazine did their part to drive diagnosis and raise awareness of celiac disease after interviewing Beyond Celiac CEO Alice Bast on her struggles with reproductive health prior to her own diagnosis.


Alice Bast Interviewed on Just Talking Podcast

Alice Bast, CEO, speaks with theJust Talking Podcast about Beyond Celiac and her personal celiac disease journey.


Your One-Stop-Shop for All Your Gluten-Free Back to School Needs

Send your child back to school with confidence! Beyond Celiac has the resources you need to help keep your kid gluten-free all year long.


Think Outside the Lunchbox: Gluten-Free Lunch Ideas for the Kids

Change up the boring lunchbox routine with these easy and fun ideas.


College Students with Celiac Disease Don’t Have Access to the Gluten-Free Food They Need

Survey results show that 60% of students polled would not recommend their university to other gluten-free students. Beyond Celiac offers a solution.

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