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Behind the Scenes of the Filming of Seriously, Celiac Disease

Behind the Scenes of the Filming of Seriously, Celiac Disease

Behind the Scenes: Q&A with the Directors of “Seriously, Celiac Disease”

Beyond Celiac is excited to share this Q&A with Matt and Nate of MEN Directors, just two of the key players behind Seriously, Celiac Disease the video.

Question 1

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

A. We are identical twin brothers. We were born and raised in the small town of Kamas, Utah. Due to the lack of a working television set growing up, we spent most of our free time outdoors exploring the nearby forest-laden hills. We had to use our imaginations a lot and this really moved us to becoming filmmakers. Our dad also told some very imaginative bedtime stories when we were young, so that helped mold us to what we are today. We now live in California, in the city of Pasadena.

Matt and Nate of MEN Directors

Identical twins Matt & Nate of MEN Directors

Question 2

Q. How long have you been working in the film industry?

A. We’ve both been working in the industry for about eight years now. We graduated from Art Center College of Design back in 2007 and have been working ever since. We write and direct for a kids show on Nickelodeon called Yo Gabba Gabba. We are also a commercial directing team known as MEN M(for Matthew) and N(for Nathan). We are represented as commercial directors by a very wonderful company called Wondros.

Question 3

Q. What sparked your interest in working with Beyond Celiac on the Seriously, Celiac Diseasevideo?

A. We were introduced to the project by Wondros and really thought it would be a wonderful way to help people know more about celiac disease. Our sister-in-law has celiac disease and we were excited to help create something that could bring more awareness to her condition. We never knew what the disease was before she was diagnosed. It was four years ago that she told us why she had been feeling sick for so many years. We knew that the video would be a great tool in bringing more awareness to the disease, plus we were excited for the creative aspect of making the video.

Question 4

Q. What inspired your vision for the video?

A. The script was very solid, when we read it we were able to imagine how it should move, how it should look and how it should feel. That is what’s wonderful about a tight script; you are able to easily envision what everything is going to look like.

Question 5

Q. Did you learn something about celiac disease and family testing that you didn’t know before?

A. Yes! We actually learned a lot. We did not know that you could have celiac disease and not even know about it, and also that it could lead to more serious diseases. That alone is worth getting tested for.

Question 6

Q. What do you hope happens for people who view the Seriously, Celiac Disease video?

A. We really hope people take a moment to think and take the time to go and get tested. It’s really very simple. One of us (Nathan) has already been tested. All that was needed was to set up an appointment and then go in and take a very simple blood test. It was super easy. Working on the video inspired him to get tested and Matthew is planning to get tested as well. Hopefully the video inspires others to do the same as well.

Question 7

Q. Is there anything you’d like to tell the community about the filming and final product?

A. We had a wonderful time working with Beyond Celiac. They care deeply about those affected and they want to get the word out as much as possible so that more people can be helped. And, even those who don’t have celiac disease can warn friends and family about it. We are very happy with the final product and we really want it to make a difference and we want to help Beyond Celiac as much as possible to get this information out. So, talk to your family about getting tested for celiac disease. Be sure to share this video as much as you can with others you know living with celiac disease, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You never know who you might help.

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