Washing Away the Gluten

Amy Leger of The Savvy Celiac explores the best ways to de-gluten a kitchen.

Gluten is a stubborn little particle. It can hide on countertops, cutting boards and in between the prongs of a fork.

With little scientific evidence to dictate the best ways to deglutenize a home kitchen, Amy Leger of The Savvy Celiac took cleaning to task. Her formula for “Washing Away the Gluten” : 1 part lessons learned from study on sanitizing for peanut allergies + 1 part suggestions from those in the gluten-free community.

The article covers:

  • Getting residue off hands. Hint: antibacterial hand sanitizers may not cut it.
  • Getting residue off counters: Disinfectant or bleach may be better than dish soap.
  • Washing dishes: Use separate sponges for gluten-free and gluteny dishes.

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