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Top 10 Tips to Empower a Gluten-Free Child

Amy Leger of The Savvy Celiac tackles the tough issues in raising a celiac child.

You can’t be with your child at all times. For those moments when you’re not around, it’s critical for your child to know how to express his or her gluten-free needs. In this post from The Savvy Celiac, Amy Leger shares her Top 10 Tips to Empower a Gluten Free Child , based on her own experience teaching her daughter how to stay gluten-free in and out of the house.

Here’s a taste:

“1. Speak up when something’s not right. This goes for many things in life actually, but when it comes to celiac disease, not speaking up could make you sick. So far, this has been a challenge, Emma isn’t even correcting her teachers who are mispronouncing her last name (it’s Lezh-AY, not LEG-ger, LEE-ger, or LEDG-er). But we continue to work on it.

2. Know your ingredients. This goes for gluten free and gluteny ingredients. She needs to be able to look at a label and based on that, decide of she can have it. She did this for the first time with a ‘Fudgesicley’ ice cream treat on Tuesday– with success. She’s 12, so I am happy to see signs of her taking control.”

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