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Camp Celiac

North Scituate, RI
August 11-16, 2013

Camp Celiac is a one-week summer camp for children and youth with celiac disease, ages 8-16. It is located at the site of Camp Aldersgate in beautiful North Scituate, RI. The property is situated on 230 acres of woods, fields and trails, and includes a lake, waterfront cabins, woodside cabins, dining hall, solar bath house, waterfront bathhouse, a retreat center (including a great hall, two kitchens, sleeping areas, and four lavatories with showers), and a health lodge.

Camp Celiac and Camp Aldersgate have developed layers of safety measures over the years to ensure a safe gluten-free environment. Camp Celiac provides two full time, registered nurses who handle all non-emergency medical needs, including administering medications. Emergency medical transportation is available within seven to ten minutes.

For more information: Camp Celiac

Recommended by: Jack Simpson, NFCA Awareness MVP


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