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You probably have questions about celiac disease and your gluten-free diet. Introducing: Ask KC!

We gathered some gluten-free teens and NFCA staff members to answer your questions about dealing with friends, school and other things while staying gluten-free. [Meet our Ask KC experts!]

Ask your question, then read the questions from other kids below. You'll see that you're not alone!

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Ask KC:


Questions from Kids

  • I Got Sick at a Friend's House

    I got sick when I ate dinner at a friend's house. My mom wants to talk to his mom about it, but I don’t want to make a big deal. What should I do?

  • Teasing at Lunchtime

    A boy in my class likes to wave his sandwich in front of my face at lunch. What should I tell him to make him stop?

  • I'm Afraid of Getting Sick at Sleepovers

    I’m going to a sleepover party and I’m worried about what will happen if the food makes me sick. What should I do?

  • My Friends Don't Like My Food

    My friend came over for dinner and said she thought our gluten-free food was gross. How can I tell my mom without hurting her feelings?

  • Questions to Ask at a Restaurant

    What are some things I can ask when I'm eating at a restaurant?

  • What If My Friends Don't Like My Gluten-Free Cake?

    I want to have a gluten-free cake at my birthday party, but I’m afraid my friends will think it’s gross.

  • I Forgot What It's Like to Feel Sick

    I kind of forgot what it feels like to be sick. It makes it really hard to say no when my friend wants to share cookies. Will it always be this hard?

  • Easy Gluten-Free Snacks

    What's an easy snack I can make myself?

  • I Cheated on My Gluten-Free Diet

    I cheated and ate something with gluten. I feel fine, but should I tell my parents?

  • Gluten-Free on an Overnight Trip

    I’m going on my first overnight trip without my mom or dad. What if they don’t have gluten-free food where I’m going?

  • My Parents Worry Too Much

    My parents worry way too much about making sure my food is gluten-free. It makes me feel like a baby when I have friends over. Help!

  • Keeping Track of What You Like and Don't Like

    I just found out I have celiac disease. Some of the food is pretty good, but my parents can’t keep straight which ones I like. They keep buying the same stuff for me to try. Do you have any tips?

  • Going to a Birthday Party

    My friend invited me to a birthday party at a pizza place. I’m worried that they won’t have anything gluten-free to eat. Should I go?


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