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Mock “French Bread” Crostini

Mock “French Bread” Crostini

From Chef Oonagh Williams of Royal Temptations Catering

I’ve made various gluten-free French breads, bought gluten-free French breads, but none of them came close to regular wheat French bread. I have found a trick that uses gluten-free bagels to make crostini. Here’s how:

1. If frozen, let gluten-free bagel thaw, then cut down through bread to make slices in whatever thickness you desire.

2. Bake the slices in a single layer at 350 degrees until they are as crisp.

3. Top with fresh Bean Salsa or your favorite dip.

Tips and Alternatives:

Don‘t let them get too brown or they shatter when you try to bite into them.

You do need them to be hard if you are going to put toppings on in advance of party as bread will soften under toppings.

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