Goat Cheese with Mango and Crystalized Ginger

Goat Cheese with Mango and Crystalized Ginger

From Chef Oonagh Williams of

Royal Temptations Catering

This mix is wonderful served with gluten-free crackers or as a topping to grilled chicken. You can easily make this dish in advance of a party, as it keeps well in the refrigerator for a few days.

Goat Cheese with mango and crystalized ginger


4 oz. mild goat cheese, room temperature

2 Tbsp. cream

2 Tbsp. dried mango, cut into tiny pieces

2 tsp. crystallized ginger, cut into tiny pieces


1. Mix goat cheese and cream until smooth.

2. Add mango and crystallized ginger and mix well. Refrigerate. Mix will become quite firm with refrigeration, but softens at room temperature. Leave for a few hours and then taste to see if you added enough mango and crystallized ginger.

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