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Cucumber Yogurt Dip

Cucumber Yogurt Dip

From Oonagh Williams of Royal Temptations Catering

Cucumber Yogurt Dip

This is my version. Most commercial versions contain dried herbs and are almost totally smooth. Serve this as a side with spicy dishes like a chili or curry.


  • 1 cup Cabot 2% Greek Yogurt (just because I think of them as neighbors)
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 Tbsp. olive oil
  • Pinch of powdered garlic (I hate the way raw garlic stays with you)
  • 1 Tbsp. green of green onion or chives finely scissored
  • 2 Tbsp. chopped fresh parsley
  • 2 tsp. chopped fresh dill
  • 2 tsp. chopped fresh mint
  • 1/2 tsp. honey
  • 1/2 English cucumber (long, skinny, also called burpless), peeled and deseeded. One recipe said to shred it now and then let it drain excess juice. I used a rotary cheese grater and just added it. If you leave the cucumber on its own for a short while, you can then drain off juice which will make the dip thicker.


  1. Mix all together, taste, adjust amount of herbs to personal preference or what you have.
  2. Use immersion blender straight into mix to chop really finely, so it’s more like a cream cheese consistency, but becomes thinner with blender.
  3. Add drained canned tuna for sandwich, add chopped chicken for sandwich, serve both over rice or quinoa salad. Use as part of a gluten-free pasta salad.

Alternative Suggestions:I added leftover shredded carrots and tuna for a wrap one day and my husband really enjoyed it. You could also substitute shredded cooked beets – about 8 oz. (either fresh or from a can) for a variation. I prefer this with fresh cooked beets as I didn’t think it tasted as “sweet” with canned beets. But, served with other dishes, you wouldn’t notice the difference.

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