Gluten-Free How Tos

Holiday Scenarios

  • Holiday Scenario 1

    Your mother-in-law insists that she cook an entirely gluten-free Thanksgiving dinner on your behalf, but you know that she’s not 100% aware of how to safely cook for a person with celiac disease. What do you do?

  • Holiday Scenario 2

    You are at a family party and your well-intentioned aunt tries to feed gluten-containing cookies to your toddler with celiac disease. What do you do?

  • Holiday Scenario 3

    Your dad is visibly annoyed that you won’t try any of his famous pumpkin pie, even though it contains gluten. What do you do?

  • Holiday Scenario 4

    You’re invited to a potluck party at the house of an acquaintance who doesn’t yet know that you have celiac disease. What do you do?

  • Holiday Scenario 5

    You’re driving to your small hometown to have a holiday dinner with your family. Gluten-free alternatives are not easily accessible in the area. What do you do?

  • Holiday Scenario 6

    You are enjoying a delicious holiday meal with your family when the conversation turns to what you can and cannot eat. What do you do?

  • Holiday Scenario 7

    It’s your first holiday season diagnosed with celiac disease and you’re feeling sad and overwhelmed. What do you do?

  • Holiday Scenario 8

    You are at the buffet and notice that someone has accidentally used the designated gluten-free spoon to scoop a gluten-containing food. They then return the spoon to the gluten-free dish, causing cross-contact. What do you do?

  • Holiday Scenario 9

    You haven’t quite gotten the hang of gluten-free baking yet, but want to bring a tasty dessert for after the holiday dinner. What do you do?

  • Holiday Scenario 10

    Your coworkers invite you to a luncheon at a restaurant to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. You haven’t been to the restaurant before and are unsure if you’ll be able to eat safely, but you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. What do you do?

  • Holiday Scenario 11

    Your child with celiac disease is upset because his classmates are having a cookie exchange and he thinks he can’t participate. What do you do?



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