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The Beyond Celiac team is excited by the overwhelmingly positive response to the March 2014 webinar, "Is Gluten Really the Problem? The Role of FODMAPs in Gluten-Related Disorders."  This webinar is one of the most popular Beyond Celiac webinars, proving the low-FODMAP diet is rapidly becoming a hot topic. Beyond Celiac is happy to be one of the first to introduce this topic to the celiac disease and gluten sensitive communities on a widespread scale. Thank you for your interest and support!

To access the free webinar recording and slides, please enter your information below.  We will contact you as Beyond Celiac moves forward with continuing the dialogue about the evolving role of the low-FODMAP diet in the field of celiac disease and gluten-related disorders. Again, thank you for your continued support of the free Beyond Celiac webinars!

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Note: At the time this webinar was recorded, Beyond Celiac was known as the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. Learn more about the name change here.


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