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Unique Gifts from Your Kitchen

Gluten in Prescription Medications
NFCA Advocates Mandatory Gluten Labeling

Dr. Oz Show Supports Celiac Awareness
The Show dedicates an episode to Celiac Disease

Special Announcement
Blue Diamond Joins NFCA's Gluten-Free Recipe of the Week Blog

Tidbits with Tina
Teaching little ones about Gluten-Free

All Things GREAT
Updates on the success of GREAT

Holiday Children's Book Supports Celiac Awareness
"Jolly the Elf"

Celiac Disease Awareness Nights
Philadelphia Flyers and 76ers

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What's for Dinner?

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The best gluten-free products

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Season's Greetings!

Note from Alice

NFCA Founder & President

What is life like when food is your medicine?

While my heart is filled with joy during this, the most wonderful time of the year, I feel anxious and excited about beginning a brand new year in just a few short weeks. Flipping the calendar marks a fresh new start for us all, and a perfect time to launch a new attitude.

This is why I’d like to reveal my new mantra for 2010 a little early this year:

Health Starts at the Supermarket.

Over the course of this fall, NFCA has been working with Whole Foods Markets, Wegmans, ShopRite and Wal-Mart in our mission to increase the availability of good, wholesome, gluten-free foods. In my encounters with these food industry giants, I have found their universal desire to reach out to healthcare professionals as the most surprising and exciting new development!

These supermarkets are cognizant of the fact that what they provide-- food-- has an incredible impact on the health of their consumers, and view themselves as America’s greatest health ally.

This exciting change in perspective in the food industry may just be the catalyst for shifting our health-care system to a prevention-based model, one that empowers consumers to overcome disease and control their health through diet and nutrition.

According to a recent New York Times article citing the Journal of Health Affairs, 75 percent of the country’s $2.5 trillion in healthcare spending relates to the prevalence of a few chronic diseases such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease. In fact, the cost of healthcare coverage has soared 31% in 5 years as fast food and poor life style choices have created a climate of chronic illness.

This environment and disease management culture continues to devastate the lives of Americans. But, fellow celiac, we can show the world that food can be a cure, and that changing your diet is not only the most efficient way to cut healthcare related costs, but the most effective way to restore health and reclaim lives.

You don’t have to wait until January to start your New Year’s resolution. Make a commitment to your-self and to others! This year, don’t just eat gluten-free. Shop the perimeter of the supermarket and work on incorporating healthy, naturally gluten-free and nutritious foods into your diet. Encourage your friends and family, whether they have celiac or not, to do the same.

Let’s work together to restore health and reclaim one life at a time to change our society to one based on health management and not disease management.

Happy Holidays!

Alice Bast


Simple, healthy, gluten-free cooking.

By: Linda Simon, Registered Dietitian and personal chef

Unique Gifts from Your Kitchen

Make this Christmas easy on yourself and your pocketbook. To be truly unique, give a Wonder Bun kit. This is a perfect gift for those who desire an easy, freshly cooked bun. You may have seen versions of this recipe abound on the Internet. It is an amazing recipe that produces one or two fresh buns in less than five minutes, from start to serve. Even the cooking-challenged can be successful.

They are made with whole grain gluten-free flours. Molasses, instead of sugar, gives more flavor and nutrition. A sprinkle of seeds on the top and bottom are beautiful, add flavor, aroma, and crunch. Just think; you can make your own sesame seed bun! And, these are the perfect size for a burger. However, this bun is much healthier.

Make a Wonder Bun Kit

Print out the recipe. Include a link to watch the Wonder Bun video.

Purchase some custard cups. This recipe is sized for one 10-ounceor two 6-ounce cups. They are often available in large grocery or big box stores.

Adding some measuring spoons is thoughtful for those with no cooking experience or equipment.

Get the ingredients. Decide which whole grain gluten-free flour you want to use. My favorites are sorghum and teff.

Mix up the dry ingredients, enough for one use, and put into small containers. Or simply buy the non- perishable ingredients and give the whole unopened package.

Arrange everything in a basket or tin. Add a bow and give with a smile.

Wonder Bun

Yield: one 3 ½ inch bun

1 large egg
¾ teaspoon molasses
2 tablespoons sorghum flour
1 tablespoon almond meal
1 tablespoon ground flax seed
½ teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon cocoa powder
a pinch of salt, optional Sesame seeds

In a small bowl, beat the egg and molasses.

In another small bowl, add the flour, almond meal, ground flax seed, baking powder, and cocoa powder. Make sure it is thoroughly mixed so you do not end up with little balls of cocoa or bitter baking soda.

Add the eggs to the dry ingredients, stir until smooth.

Oil a 10 oz. Pyrex custard cup and sprinkle sesame seeds on the bottom and sides.

Pour the batter into the cup. Top with more sesame seeds.

Microwave for 90 seconds.

That is it! A ready-to-eat, tasty bun - a wonder bun!


Use two 6-ounce custard cups to make small dinner roll sized buns. Evenly divide the batter into both cups and microwave for 80 seconds. Cook both buns at the same time.

Another unique, simple and savory idea- Gomashio.

This is a seasoning mix of ground toasted sesame seeds and salt. It is sprinkled on all kinds of foods and adds a rich salty flavor with very little salt. When it is presented in a pretty container, it makes a though-tful gift for anyone. And, no need to heat up the oven.

Do you prefer traditional ideas?

Sure you can make cookies and bars. And people, including me, really enjoy those. Lemon bars, or sorghum peanut butter chocolate chip blondies are quick, easy, and appreciated. Package in a pretty tin and you have a lovely holiday gift.

Gluten-free whole grain cooking video announcement!

We Kitchen Therapy are happily working on a video of whole grain gluten-free quick breads! Please subscribe to Kitchen Therapy blog for notification when the video is released.

Linda Simon

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NFCA Advocates Mandatory Gluten Labeling for Prescription Medications at FDA workshop

By: Loretta Jay, NFCA Director of Program Development

You are feeling lousy and finally made it to your doctor’s office. The doctor knows what is ailing you and assures you that you’ll be feeling better soon. Just take these antibiotics, she says. But wait! Is there gluten in that medicine? It is a question that those with celiac and gluten sensitivity grapple with. Physicians and pharmacists struggle, too. According to current US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, gluten does not need to be labeled in medications. Hopefully that will all change soon!

On September 24-25 2009, the FDA held a public workshop entitled, “Providing Effective Information to Consumers about Prescription Drug Risks and Benefits” and NFCA was there. There were roundtable discussions and debates about what information consumers need to know and when, and how to com-municate that information. NFCA presented its position: to make a safe decision about one’s health, consumers, their pharmacists and healthcare providers must know the ingredients of prescribed medications.

Most medications do not contain gluten. It is the few drugs that do that create the problem. Gluten can be an excipient used to bind the other ingredients together. It is often labeled as “starch.” Since no current regulations require drug manufacturers to identify the source of inactive ingredients, gluten does not need to be labeled. As a result, it is not easy to determine its presence. When the medication’s gluten-free status is unknown, the pharmacist or consumer must call the manufacturer – every time.

Attending the FDA workshop were drug manufacturers and pharmacists, and also people from organiza-tions that represented pharmacists, manufacturers and consumers. Attendees, all vying for the FDA’s ear, conveyed their differing viewpoints and various needs. On the second day of the workshop, expert panelists presented their opinions about what type of information should be included, in what format, and how much is needed.

NFCA submitted comments to the FDA in which we advocated that gluten must be labeled when in medication so consumers and healthcare providers can make safe decisions regarding its usage. Please follow this link to read NFCA’s submitted comments:

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The Dr. Oz Show Dedicates Episode to Celiac Disease and the Gluten-Free Diet

The Dr. Oz Show airing Thursday, December 10th will discuss celiac disease and the gluten-free diet.

Dr. Peter Green, NFCA Scientific/ Medical Advisory Board member and Director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, will be featured on the program, along with television personality and author of ‘ The G-Free Diet’, Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

NFCA’s own Alice Bast and Whitney Ehret had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Oz back in October while attending a luncheon held in his honor, and spoke briefly about celiac and his plans to raise awareness of the disease on his new program. Check out the photo!

For information about The Dr. Oz Show and airtimes, check your local listings or visit show’s website, http://www.doctoroz.com/.

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Special Announcement

Blue Diamond Joins NFCA's Gluten-Free Recipe of the Week Blog

NFCA is delighted to announce that Blue Diamond will be contributing delicious and nutritious gluten-free recipes to the beyondceliac.org Gluten-Free Recipe of the Week Blog.

Each Blue Diamond recipe featured on the Gluten-Free Recipe of the Week Blog will also be posted to the official Blue Diamond Recipe Box, so you can find great gluten-free meal ideas every day of the week!

Make a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier gluten-free food, and get cooking with NFCA and Blue Diamond today!

Check out this month’s featured Blue Diamond recipe, Malga Almond Gazpacho.

Want to receive all our gluten-free recipe updates? Subscribe to the Gluten-Free Recipe of the Week Blog, and get all of the latest GF recipes delivered right to your inbox.

NFCA’s Gluten-Free Recipe of the Week Blog features a wealth of gluten-free cooking ideas and healthy eating information plus links to our sponsored Recipe Boxes. Submit a recipe to be featured as our recipe of the week.

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Tidbits with Tina

Danny the Dragon and Author Tina Turbin Shares “Yummy Gluten-Free Tidbits”
Holiday Baking with Your Celiac Child

Now that the holidays are here, it’s time to celebrate with family togetherness and, of course, lots of seasonal goodies. My gluten-free diet doesn’t stand in the way of celebrating, and neither should your celiac child’s gluten-free dietary restrictions. In fact, when I first began my gluten-free lifestyle, I took advantage of the holidays to establish a special tradition of baking gluten-free cookies.

With a gluten-free cookie-baking tradition, not only will you help establish a proficiency and love for gluten-free cooking in your celiac child, making him more willing and able to prepare his own gluten-free foods when he’s older, but you’ll also make cherished memories for him, making him look forward to and feel included in holiday festivities. Here are some tips for turning the holiday season into a celebrated time of gluten-free cookie baking.

Although I’m perhaps best known as the author of the Danny the Dragon children’s series, I’m also a gluten-free advocate, working hard to raise support and awareness on behalf of the celiac community. An estimated 300 million Americans have it and only three percent of them know it. That is certainly cause for getting active about celiac support. I’m especially interested in getting personally involved in the celiac community, in particular helping parents with celiac children make the adjustment to a gluten-free diet. One way I do this is by encouraging parents to bake gluten-free foods as a family.

Baking cookies goes back a long way in my family, and I was quick to establish it as a Turbin family tradition with my own kids. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease and adopted a gluten-free diet, I began accumulating gluten-free recipes for cookies and other baked goods so the tradition could carry on with my kids during the holiday season.

There are plenty of straightforward, delicious gluten-free cookie recipes for everyone’s favorite cookies in the wealth of gluten-free recipes online and on my own gluten-free website and gluten-free blog. Gluten-free doesn’t mean sugar-free, so the kids will enjoy the gluten-free alternatives as much as gluten-containing cookies. I recommend certain brands for gluten-free flour mixes as a substitute for gluten-containing flour: Bob’s Red Mill, Glutino, and Pamela’s Products. These brands have received rave reviews in the celiac community, and my family and I really enjoy them.

After finding some recipes that your child is excited about, I recommend baking for occasions where these gluten-free cookies can be shared with others. This will give children the pleasure of not only baking their gluten-free cookies, but also of giving to others. You should encourage your celiac child to share his gluten-free treats with his classmates and teachers. Contact teachers at the beginning of the holidays and let them know your child’s dietary needs and ask if there will be any class parties that you and your child could prepare gluten-free goodies for. This way, your child can bring in cookies or other baked goods for the class and focus on sharing his own treats rather than on being excluded from others’ goodies. With the recipes that are available these days, there is no doubt that your child will impress his classmates with his gluten-free cookies. When going to relatives’ houses for dinner, bring along a plate full of your child’s gluten-free cookies for everyone to enjoy.

You should bake cookies throughout the season fairly regularly, so that there’s always gluten-free treat available for your celiac child. He may find himself on many occasions being offered gluten-containing treats, at friends’ or relatives’ houses or at school. By including a holiday cookie in his school lunch or letting him enjoy one with a glass of milk after school, you’ll help him to not feel left out.

Inviting company over for baking gluten-free cookies is also another way for your child to enjoy holiday baking. His friends will enjoy the gluten-free cookies and can bring some home for their own families. The praise his friends will give over the cookies and the baking experience will make your child feel just like non-celiac children. As part of my gluten-free advocacy activities, I host regular monthly cupcake parties, inviting gluten-free families from the community, usually mothers and their celiac or gluten-intolerant children. You can also host a gluten-free party for the holidays and invite other families allow-ing your celiac child to meet and bond with other celiac children.

At the start of this holiday season, get with your celiac child and have him pick out some gluten-free cookie recipes and get started baking. You’ll soon have established a memorable family tradition while delighting the friends and classmates of your celiac child, increasing support and awareness for the gluten-free lifestyle. In the end, you’ll have given your celiac child a tasty and unforgettable holiday gift.

-Tina Turbin


 More about Tina and the "Danny the Dragon" children's book series:

Tina Turbin was a prolific writer and speaker throughout her school years. At age 16, she wrote her first children’s book and that interest has never waned.
“Danny the Dragon 'Meets Jimmy" is the first in Tina’s series of children's books. Tina Turbin is currently working on the treatments for future books, as well as the sought-after Danny’s cookbook! This cookbook will teach children to prepare nutritious meals simply and educationally through Danny’s guidance, at a level a young child can understand and with just a lot of fun!
Tina Turbin became extremely interested and involved in the subjects of gluten-free, gluten sensitivity and celiac disease a number of years ago after having been diagnosed as gluten-sensitive. Since then, she has engaged in diligent research and writing about these topics, contributing articles to such publications and websites as Awareness Magazine, MixingBowl.com and the Baby Boomers Knowledge Center, and Celiac.com. She also has her own gluten-free resource website, www.GlutenFreeHelp.info.
Tina resides in Dunedin, Florida, and also researches and writes on the topics of children, families, mothers and women in society, and enjoys her abilities as an Artist, Decorator and Author.

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All Things GREAT: Gluten-Free Resource Education Awareness Training (GREAT) Program Update

Harrah's Resort and Casino is a Gluten-Free Diner's Dream

“Imagine: Warm gluten-free bread with butter at dinner, and gnocchi with marinara. Or maybe some freshly made hollandaise sauce on fresh poached eggs and gluten-free toast. Or maybe some pierogis? Or lasagna? All gluten-free? And, these are the top-notch, top-of-the-line product out there, certified gluten-free and prepared with enormous care.”

No, it’s not a dream. Chef James Harris and his team at Harrah’s Resort and Casino (Atlantic City, NJ) make a menu like this a gluten-free reality!

Ginger Miller, author of Gluten-free in Georgia (and Florida), recently traveled to Atlantic City and found herself astounded by the level of service and care she received from Chef James and his staff.

“It's a level of treatment that I've received at only one other place, frankly, in more than two years. And, it's a level of treatment that got me to eat three of my five meals in Atlantic City in his kitchens.”

Under the leadership of Chef James Harris, Harrah’s Atlantic City has become a destination for gluten-free diners. In commitment to serving the celiac community safely, both Chef James and Executive Chef Edward Batten have received GREAT training and implemented cross contamination protocols in the Harrah’s kitchen.

As Ginger will testify, Harrah’s attentiveness and compassion for those with celiac disease makes for a delicious and carefree dining experience!

“….it's caring, concerned people like you who make travel and dining safer for gluten-free people like me.”

To read more about Ginger’s trip to Harrah’s, visit her Gluten-Free in Georgia (and Florida) blog!!! For information about Harrah’s, visit www.harrahs.com.

Pizza Luce Expands Gluten-Free Menu

Due to customer demand, Pizza Luce will be increasing their gluten-free menu availability. Beginning December 1st, the downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul locations will be serving gluten-free pizza every day of the week!

For more information about Pizza Luce and their gluten-free menu, visit their website, www.pizzaluce.com.

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Holiday Children's Book, Jolly the Elf,Supports Celiac Disease Awareness

jolly-the-elfCelebrate the season with Jolly the Elf. Proceeds to benefit NFCA!

Jolly the Elf, a delightful and fun Christmas story now available as a children’s book, has teamed up with NFCA to help raise awareness of celiac disease!

Through the Jolly the Elf charitable partner program, author Jo Shepherd Ripley will donate a percentage of book sales to the non-profit organization in an effort to support its mission and programming.

For every book or Jolly product sold through the Jolly Website (www.jollytheelf.com) that indicates “celiac” or “NFCA” in the “Where did you hear about us” box on the Buy Now Page, a percentage of proceeds will be contributed to the NFCA.

“We are thrilled to partner with such a wonderful organization that is the NFCA,” said Jo Shepherd Ripley. “It is so important to help people suffering from celiac to understand what they may do to help themselves. Anything that Jolly can do to assist in those efforts is an honor and a privilege for us.”

Jolly the Elf has a special connection to celiac disease as one of its contributing illustrators, Philadelphia area high school student Jake Hunter, was diagnosed with the disease in 2006.

“My symptoms are gone. Now I can concentrate on what I love to do most – draw,” Jake says of his life since receiving a diagnosis and adopting a gluten-free diet. “I feel great about having some of my art-work in Jo Shepherd Ripley’s book Jolly the Elf. It has given me an opportunity that I did not expect.”

Jake’s “elf icons,” as they are called, appear throughout the Jolly the Elf book and help capture the whimsical spirit of the Jolly Tale.

Make this magical tale a family holiday tradition by ordering a copy today and help support celiac disease awareness efforts with your purchase!

Order Jolly the Elf online through the book’s website, Enter the special code ‘CELIAC’ in the space marked ‘where did you hear about us?


Remember to enter the code ‘CELIAC’ to ensure proceeds from this great book go to a great cause!

For more information about Jolly the Elf and to read about Jake Hunter’s celiac story, visit NFCA’s website.

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Celiac Awareness Nights in Philadelphia

NFCA is thrilled to announce two Celiac Awareness Nights in the Philadelphia Area during this 2010 winter sports season. The Philadelphia Flyers and the Philadelphia 76ers will host Celiac Awareness Nights on their home turf at the Wachovia Center.

NFCA invites all celiac and gluten intolerant sports fans to join us and the Philadelphia Area Celiac Support Groups as we promote awareness of celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Gluten-free stadium treats will be available at specified concession stands at the Wachovia Center for both games.


NFCA invites all celiac and gluten intolerant sports fans to the 2010 Celiac Awareness Night with the Philadelphia Flyers at the Wachovia Center on Tuesday, January 19th as the Flyers take on the Columbus Blue Jackets. Game time is 7:00 pm.

Tickets are on sale now at through the Flyers online box office. To get the special Celiac Awareness Night discounted tickets, enter 154CELIAC when asked for the promotion code. This also will guarantee that proceeds from your ticket sales go to support raising celiac awareness. Hit “Go!” When you get to the ticket-ordering page, click on the red button that says “Tix.” You will be able to select any seats in the arena.

Discounted tickets prices:

Mezzanine: $50 (normally $63)
Rows 1-7/Center 6 8-11

Mezzanine $40 (normally $53)
Rows 8-11

Mezzanine $40 (normally $46)
Rows 12-15

Note: There is not a designated section for the Celiac Awareness Night Group for this game. If you are arranging for a group to go to the game together, be certain that you order your seats as a group. Either enter this group order online or call Mike Andrews of the Flyers at 215-952-5994 to make arrangements for group seating.

For other questions, please call NFCA’s Nancy Ginter at 215-325-1306, ext. 101.


Save the Date!

The Philadelphia 76ers will host their third Celiac Awareness Night on Friday, March 26th when the Sixers meet the Atlanta Hawks. Game time is 7:00 pm at the Wachovia Center. To order tickets, go to www.nba.com/sixers/celiac. To get the special Celiac Awareness Night discount, be certain to enter the code CELIAC. This also will ensure that proceeds from ticket sales go to support raising celiac awareness.

For group seating or questions about the game, call Tyler McAllister at 215-389-9441. For other ques-tions, please call NFCA’s Nancy Ginter at 215-325-1306, ext. 101.

NFCA has a rich tradition of partnering with local celiac support organizations to host these wonderful nights filled with food, fun, and all the excitement surrounding professional sporting events. We hope you will purchase your tickets today and join us for what is sure to be two fabulous evenings of Philadelphia sports—all for a great cause!

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NFCA Survey: What's for Dinner? Inquiring minds want to know!

Traditionally, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) has approached celiac disease and gluten intolerance from two vantage points. The first is related to all medical and healthcare issues related to gaining a prompt and correct diagnosis. The second concerns improving the quality of life for children and adults affected by this autoimmune disease. In short, we aim to ‘restore health and reclaim lives’.

In working on lifestyle issues, NFCA collaborates with the food industry to make the world a friendlier place for those who have embraced a gluten-free diet. To assist us in meeting this aspect of our mission, we are helped by knowing what you, the gluten-free public, enjoy or would like to see made available for this special needs diet. Please take a moment to express your opinions in a survey about menu options.

Take Survey »

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Cedarlane Natural Foods’ Breakfast Omelettes

Cedarlane Natural Foods recently debuted a new line of all natural gluten-free breakfast omelettes and they were kind enough to send me some samples to try. For breakfast, I usually have some fresh fruit and yogurt or some gluten-free toast with jam. That being said, I have to admit that at first, I was a bit skeptical about frozen omelettes. I received samples of the Spinach and Mushroom Egg White Omelette, the Green Chile, Cheese and Ranchero Egg White Omelette and the Uncured Turkey Bacon, Vegetable and Cheese Egg White Omelette. I decided to try the Uncured Turkey Bacon, Vegetable and Cheese Egg White Omelette first. When you take the package out, you just puncture the plastic wrap with a fork and put it in the microwave for about three minutes. The first thing that cured my skepticism was the delicious smell that hit me as I opened my microwave door. These omelettes really taste as though they were just cooked on the stove and the texture feels just out of the pan as well. Not only are these break-fast options gluten-free, but they are low in cholesterol as well. Needless to say, all of my samples have now been happily devoured and I plan on restocking my freezer! Their website has a feature that will help you find these convenient and delicious breakfast products near you. Not all of Cedarlane’s products are gluten-free so be sure you are buying products that are labeled as such. http://www.cedarlanefoods.com/

Sunstart Bakery Cookies

The holidays are just around the corner, which generally means an abundance of cookies are on their way, as well. If you’re not a baker, or you just want to enjoy and share some delicious gluten-free cookies with friends or coworkers, you have to try Sunstart Bakery’s assortment of gourmet gluten-free treats. With a mouthwatering variety of cookies, including Supreme Golden Crunch, Chocolate Chip Crunch, Ginger Golden Crunch, Chocolate Wrapped Golden Crunch, Raspberry Golden Crunch, Award Winning Rocky Road Bars and Caramel & Chocolate Dessert Delights, how could you go wrong? My personal favorite is the Caramel & Chocolate Dessert Delights, of which entire boxes have been known to disappear in a single sitting! Not only are these cookies gluten-free, but they are egg-free as well, which is pretty hard to believe once you have tasted them. Their website has a store locator feature which will help you find these cookies near you just in time for the holidays! http://www.sunstartusa.com/

Cherrybrook Kitchen’s Sugar Cookie Mix

Growing up, baking sugar cookies with my mom and decorating them for the holidays was, and still is, tradition. Cookie cutters of all shapes would be passed around the table along with a rainbow blur of sprinkles, gumdrops and icing. When I started eating gluten-free, I fell in love with Cherrybrook Kitchen’s Sugar Cookies because they tasted most like my mom’s homemade recipe. The mix is easy to make and the dough easily lends itself to being rolled out, cut and shaped. The cookies bake up crunchy on the outside and chewy on the middle, which is my favorite. Pair these fresh baked sugar cookies with Cherrybrook Kitchen’s Ready to Spread Frosting, colored with gluten-free food coloring, and you will have a festive and yummy treat to share with your gluten-free friends and family for the holidays. As I type this, I have three boxes of the sugar cookie mix and a jar of frosting in my kitchen cabinet, so I am ready to go! You can find these products in many mainstream grocery stores like Whole Foods and Wegmans. However, you can also find a store near you using the store locator feature on their website, or order direct! http://www.cherrybrookkitchen.com/

Maxwell’s Kitchen Gluten-Free Gravy

This is the time of year when gravy gets its turn in the spotlight. With turkeys, pork roasts, chickens and a variety of other meets gracing many tables for the holidays, gravy is a must. However, many gravies use wheat flour as a filler, making them unsafe for a gluten-free holiday feast. That’s why I love Maxwell’s Kitchen Gluten-Free Gravies. They are boxed gravy mixes that are easy to prepare and cook up smooth and delicious. They offer their gravies in turkey, pork, chicken and a simple brown variety that is appropriate for a variety of meats. I stock up around the holidays! You can order straight from the Maxwell’s Kitchen website for just $1.99 a packet. http://www.maxwellskitchen.com/products.htm#chicken

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Celiac in the News

Perrigo Company Launches Labeling of Gluten-Free Over-the-Counter Pharmaceuticals

On December 7th, Perrigo Company announced that is will initiate a labeling program to help customers identify the company’s 200 over-the-counter pharmaceuticals that are gluten-free. They will be implementing this program in January of 2010. With this effort, individuals needing gluten-free medication will no longer have to call Perrigo directly, but will be able to clearly see a label on the medication’s packaging that says “gluten-free.” To support the gluten-free labeling initiative, Perrigo has instituted a gluten-free assurance program. Perrigo's program is based on the threshold of less than 20 parts per million to identify a product that is gluten-free. Perrigo initiated this program because one of their top call center inquiries was related to the gluten content of various medications. Read full article »

Top Gluten-Free Destination Contest

GlutenFreeTravelSite.com is hosting its second annual contest to find the “World’s Most Celiac Friendly Destination.” If you have ever traveled somewhere and were swept off your feet by the gluten-free options at a hotel or a restaurant, or you have a favorite spot in your hometown, submit your re-views! The location that receives the most submissions by December 31st will be crowned this year’s winner. Last year, New York was the winner. Could it be Philadelphia this year? This is a great way to promote your favorite celiac-friendly establishment. To join in the fun and submit a review, follow the prompts in this article. I can’t wait to see which location wins in 2009! Read full article »

The Gluten-Free App

With the number of iPhone users steadily increasing, so too are the number of applications that can be downloaded for use on the phone. I recently learned of one that will be a huge asset to the gluten-free community. It’s called the Gluten-Free App and it puts a gluten-free restaurant guide at the tip of your finger. The creator of the App is going city-by-city identifying all of the safe dining options available. Gluten-Free New York City is currently available and Miami and New Orleans are on the way. In New York City, the App identifies over a dozen restaurants that have a gluten-free menu, over 40 restaurants that can accommodate a gluten-free request, as well as health food store and gluten-free bakery locations. Interested yet? I am! On the Gluten-Free App website, you can vote for where you would like the Gluten-Free App to visit next. Also, if you don’t have an iPhone but would still like the information collected for the App, there is an email address included on the website where you can request it. This is a really cool product so check it out!
Read full article »

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