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Who Knew Zoos Could Be So Exhausting?

Hi it’s Alexis!  I hope that everyone enjoyed their Spring Break!  My Spring Break was very different from past ones.  As I talked about in last week’s blog,   it felt like everyone was away on vacation - except me!  If I wasn’t sick I would have been in Disney World along with the many tourists who travel down there during Spring Break enjoying all the parks and taking in the Florida sun.  Instead, I was stuck home! 

In normal circumstances when we have off from school, my parents would be planning day trips or overnight trips to keep us busy.  However, because I am still recovering and still don’t feel 100% plus this fresh food diet limits me so much, taking a day trip is not an easy task.

Celiac girl Alexis with brother at Philadelphia Zoo

My mom was determined to get me out for a day of fun no matter how hard of a task it was going to be.  One day last week, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful Spring day and went to the Philadelphia Zoo.  That morning, my mom was up early cooking for me enough food for the entire day.   We packed four coolers filled with white rice, all sorts of fruits, and veggies.  You would’ve thought my mom was packing for an army but she had to make sure I had enough food because I can’t eat food at restaurants. 

We took the hour drive to Philadelphia and had to park so far away from the zoo because it was so packed. By the time I had walked from the parking lot to the zoo, I was already exhausted. I still don’t have all my strength back from all the months I was sick and I tire very easily.  And so, my parents got me a wheelchair to wheel me around the zoo.  I was so happy they got me a wheelchair because the zoo was uphill, downhill , uphill and downhill- I would of never made it through the whole zoo walking!

We enjoyed our day and after all my mom’s stress about having enough food for me, I was OK.  What we did realize during this trip is that it is just too hard to do another day trip until I have more strength.  The rest of my Spring Break consisted of low key things like going to movies, going to an arcade, a few playdates and amusing my little brother with watching the Muppet movie over and over again. 

What has really become a realization is how one’s sickness can really put a damper on a lot of things you take for granted in life. Even the simplest things like going to the zoo become hard! And it not only affects me but my family too. Luckily my family is very supportive and they just want to see me get better.   Its amazing how this disease took such a toll on me.  Each day I feel a little stronger but it’s really my determination of getting my life back that is going to keep me going.

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