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My Stay in the Cancun Hospital

Hi it’s Alexis. This week is an uneventful one because I’ve been stuck home taking the NJ Ask test.  So I figured I would take this opportunity to go more into detail about the great care I received in Mexico by the Paramedics and in the Mexican hospital during my gluten incident. 

When taking a vacation to a different country, you never think about going to the hospital or if there is a hospital nearby? You don’t think, “Are there English speaking doctors?” Or “Are the hospitals clean?”  Unfortunately for me, I learned a lot more than I need to know about a Mexican hospital.  And I am happy to say it was very positive. 


Alexis and Brother

We stayed in the Rivera Maya at a beautiful resort. When my gluten incident happened and I became violently ill, the doctor of the hotel complex called for an ambulance to take me to the nearest hospital. Although I was in and out of consciousness at this point, only waking up to vomit, my parents were horrified to find out that the nearest hospital was in Cancun 45 minutes away! The ambulance was coming from Cancun to get me.  My parents said waiting 45 minutes until the ambulance came was pure torture for them.  And it gave them time to stress about taking their child to a random hospital in Mexico!  It was a scary thought for them. 

Once the paramedics came, they took charge. The paramedics were two young men, and one of them said to me in his broken English “Everything was going to be ok.” This paramedic carried me down a flight of stairs and my parents and little brother followed.  I was put on a stretcher where my mom sat beside me and he told my little brother to sit in the “brother seat.” My little brother looked so scared for me. My dad got in front with the other paramedic as they slowly drove off not to make a scene at this big resort.

Once we got on the highway, the ambulance took off in high speed. We had a long 45 minute ride ahead of us. The paramedic in the back kept talking to me so that I wouldn’t be scared and hooked me up to oxygen. My mom held my hand but I could tell in her face she was scared.  The next thing I remember is the paramedic who was taking care of me screaming in Spanish to the other paramedic. The ambulance pulled over. He whispered something to my mom and her face turned white. I knew something was wrong. He looked at me and said “Don’t worry, senorita. I’m just going to hook you up to an IV before we get to the hospital. It’s going to be ok. I promise.” Afterwards, I found out that my vital signs had dropped so low that they couldn’t wait until I got to the hospital to give me fluids. 

  Celiac girl Alexis on carousel horse  

I’m not sure how long it took to get to the hospital but our ambulance pulled up to a nice looking hospital - the Cancun Hospital. My two nice paramedics brought me right into the emergency room and transferred me off the stretcher into a bed. My parents thanked the paramedics for taking good care of me.

An English speaking emergency room doctor came in to talk with my parents. He was very nice and understanding about what was going on. He said they called for a pediatrician to come in and see me.  The pediatrician took over and asked about my celiac disease history and told us not to worry that they would make me better. They pumped me all day with fluids and nausea medication. I would say about 6 hours later, I felt so much better. The hospital itself was like the ones back home. The rooms were clean. The doctors and nurses were all nice and all spoke English. I got great treatment at this hospital. I hate to say it, but it was one of my better emergency room visits because, unfortunately, I have experienced plenty. (The photos above are of me after my gluten incident. Because of the great care I got in the hospital, I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation.)

I hope to never visit another foreign hospital again on a vacation. However, I do have to say, that had it been anywhere, I’m glad I ended up there. The Cancun Hospital took great care of me and I will never forget the kind paramedics, doctors and nurses there. 

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