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A Very Different Gluten-Free Passover and Easter

Hi, it’s Alexis. It’s Spring Break in the town I live in, and you would think I live in a ghost town. No one is home!  My family and I were originally going to be away at this time in Disney, but those plans quickly changed after my first hospitalization. While hanging around at home this week, I thought about how this used to be my favorite time of year. It’s the time of year that gluten-free food invades all the supermarkets all over the country. Between the Passover foods and the Easter candies that are labeled gluten-free… it’s like being in gluten-free heaven!

Most Passover food is gluten-free! It says it right in bold on the packaging. It’s very exciting to see that when you are gluten-free and have more choices in the supermarket.

Usually this time of year, my mom and I go to the supermarket and fill the shopping cart with new cereals, soup noodles, cake mixes and ready-made cakes and cookies!  Many of the cakes and cookies we put in our gluten-free freezer so I have my treats for special occasions. My favorite all time Passover cake are called Ring Tings. They look like Ding Dongs. They freeze really well and are great little snacks to keep in the school freezer for parties, as well as for me to take to birthday parties.  

Celiac girl Alexis with gluten-free birthday cake

This is also a time when the gluten-free decorated cakes are out. They are beautifully decorated cakes that are gluten-free and lactose-free. We always purchase my birthday cake for me during Passover. (The photo is from my birthday last year.) Although my birthday is not until July, we put the cake in the freezer until my birthday. It’s nice that I can have a beautiful cake for my birthday. Even though we are not sure how long I will need to be on a fresh food diet and off processed foods, my mom still purchased a birthday cake for me this year.  The cake was bought in the glimmer of hope that one day I will be able to celebrate with eating a piece of cake. It might not be on my birthday, but hopefully one day soon. Until then, the cake is in the gluten-free freezer. 

This holiday is going to be challenge. For Passover, our menu has changed quite a bit. My grandma is going to make a turkey, which I am allowed to have.  She is going to make me homemade chicken soup, but I can’t put in the gluten-free soup noodles.  So I’m not quite sure if I will like it or not. The soup noodles are one of my favorites!  Side dishes are going to change to baked potatoes, sweet potatoes and vegetables. There won’t be any gluten-free potato kugel that my Grandma had mastered throughout the years, along with a few other sides that will not be at the table this year. What used to be a free-for-all of gluten-free desserts is now going to consist of lots of fruit instead. 

It doesn’t sound too exciting this year, but it’s going to have to do. Maybe by next year, I will be healthy again and I will be able to have the old version of Passover dinner. I hope!

As for Easter, oh how I love the candy! I love the Marshmallow Peeps and the Cadbury Cream Eggs. They are just so yummy! But this year, I can’t eat any of it. My mom suggested for this year that we dye Easter eggs. I can eat hard boiled eggs, so it sounds like fun.  It’s not chocolate, but it will have to do for this year.

What should be a gluten-free eating-fest, it’s not going to be for me this year. This is just another challenge I have to go through so I continue getting better. At least I have my family’s support through this tough time.

Wishing you all happy holidays!  

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