University Turns to Gluten-Free Research

August 25, 2010

University Turns to Gluten-Free Research

Kansas State University earned a record amount of research funding in ‘09, and it’s helping gluten-free product development..

As celiacs and celebrities clamor for more gluten-free products, universities may start joining the ranks in research and development.

Kansas State University has been celebrating a record-breaking year in the research departments. Faculty members received $147.7 million in research funding from July 2009 to June 2010—up nearly $30 million from 2 years ago. The funding has propelled a number of projects, but among them, researchers and students are focusing on gluten-free product development.

In October 2009, a gluten-free waffle cone developed by two K-State graduate students took first place at the International Food Product Development Competition. The University’s Food Science Institute, which supported the waffle cone project, continues to explore gluten-free alternatives.