TWO days to go!!!

November 6, 2009

TWO days to go!!!

Saturday, November 7th Kendra will compete in the 2009 Ironman. She makes one last post before guest blogger and friend Lauren, takes over.

Yesterday my countdown said 3 days. I remember when it was 300 days! I think the major freakout is going to happen soon. I think so far it’s just been a few small minor ones. Like pre-quakes. We’re down to 1 day and 23 hours. Wow I could just say 47 hours. That’s freakier.

This post is long. Yesterday was a busy day. But I aimed for topic
sentences this time, so it’s easy to read bits and pieces…

I’m all checked-in for Ironman. My massage yesterday was great, now I
just need to keep stretching to stay loose. Dave met me at the massage
tent and waited in line with me to check-in. I had to show my ID and
USAT membership card to get into the check-in tent (Dave waited
outside but he took a few photos as he peered in). The first table I
was sent to gave me two sheets of paper that I had to fill out -
verifying medical info, emergency contact, etc, and liability waiver.
Then I got in the weigh-in line. (They don’t state it anywhere but it
seems like if you end up needing medical attention and you’ve lost too
much weight, they probably make you withdraw.) My weight was marked
down and then I was sent to the next table where they put my race ID
bracelet on (a little snugly), they numbered my swim cap, gave me bags
for my transition gear, and I got stickers with “63” on them to place
on my bike, helmet, and race bags. I know I did a few other things in
the check-in tent but I can’t even remember it all now.

Next I checked-in for the Janus Charity Challenge. I gave them my 
total for fundraising so far, though I have until Friday at noon to
update that with more current information. I have to go back there
anyways, so it’s not too late to contribute to the National Foundation
for Celiac Awareness

Janus gave me a tri top and a hat for my efforts! My fundraising is
mentioned in the Sacramento Examiner today.

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