Top Chef Winner Cooks Gluten-Free For Daughter

July 19, 2010

Top Chef Winner Cooks Gluten-Free For Daughter

Restrictions or not, Rick Bayless spices up home cooking.

He may specialize in Mexican fare, but award-winning chef and restaurateur Rick Bayless also knows how to cook gluten-free. Bayless, who won the first season of Bravo’s Top Chef Masters, has prepared gluten-free meals for his daughter since she started the specialized diet at an early age. According to the chef, there are plenty of culinary options even when gluten’s off the table.

“You find out what cuisine embraces [the gluten-free diet],” Bayless told “Asian cooking uses no dairy or wheat. The human being can survive on many different diets.”

Bayless said he frequently invited his daughter into the kitchen to help prepare a dish. It’s a way to introduce new foods and keep children engaged. “When I cook for kids, I always think, ‘What’s going to be the most dramatic dish?’ he explained. “That is the thing that is going to just draw their attention right in.”
The chef recently attended the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. View the action at the Gluten-Free Showcase Pavilion, including tasty dishes worthy of a Top Chef bid.