The Physical Challenge: Week 1

May 26, 2010

The Physical Challenge: Week 1

Peter Bronski has a successful first week.

“Well, Week 1 is officially in the bank, and I’m feeling pretty psyched with how things have gone. For those of you who want to the quick recap, here’s a by-the-numbers summary:

Training Days: 5 (To Date: 5)
Rest Days: 2 (T0 Date: 2)
Body Weight: 158 (Net Gain/Loss: -2)
Running Days: 4 (To Date: 4)
Running Miles Logged: 27 (T0 Date: 27)
Average Run: 6.7 (Short: 4.7, Long: 9.1)
Cross-Training: Hiking”

To top off a successful week Peter, his wife Kelli, and daughter Marin enjoy a family friendly hike. Read about Peter’s successful first week and his fun family outing in the full post The Physical Challenge: Week 1

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