Study Proves Celiac Disease Poses Additional Health Risks

January 13, 2010

Study Proves Celiac Disease Poses Additional Health Risks

Psychiatric and neurological conditions more common among those with the disorder.

A study published in the December issue of Movement Disorders shows those with celiac disease are more likely to suffer from neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Reported most frequently in the 72 patients who participated in the study were migraine headaches (28%) and carpal tunnel syndrome (20%). About a third of the individuals had stance and gait problems, as well as sensory loss and a reduction of ankle reflexes.

Researchers suspect decencies in folic acid, vitamin E, and biopterin contribute to the decreased neurological function in individuals with celiac disease,

According to Medscape:

“The prevalence of neurological manifestations in celiac disease is striking and must be considered more than accidental,” they note. “The patients’ gluten-free diet had resolved intestinal symptoms but had not prevented the development of neurological deficits.”

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