Staying Energized On A Gluten-Free Diet

January 18, 2012

Staying Energized On A Gluten-Free Diet

Susan refines her meal plan as she prepares for her upcoming competition

Hello all gluten-free friends….I thought I would start this blog by acknowledging all athletes who are realizing new personal bests and goals while adhering to a gluten-free diet; and, to highlight how we can continue to improve both our athletic performance, and our health, through this lifestyle.

I happen to be one of those individuals who are still relatively new in their diagnosis and do not tolerate numerous food items that are non-gluten containing (dairy/lactose/soy/fats/oils/fructose, any refined sugars and nuts). I used to tolerate these foods, but cannot now and so I have had to become educated and savvy about how I get my good quality carbs in for my workouts and athletic performance goals. I recently made the decision to compete again this coming May in the Richmond Pro show and am now fine tuning my meal plan. I use a corn based waxy maize starch carb powder immediately post training/cardio, and have also found a concentrated ‘reds’ powder that serve as my carb fuel (Dymatize brand Flud and NanoReds). Both are gluten free and the Nanoreds also supply necessary antioxidants, fiber, fruit based carbs, and some energy fuel.

I had to do quite a bit of research to find a gluten free and lactose free protein powder and am happy to report that Syntrax brand whey isolate protein addresses both these needs and can be ordered at the weblink below. I’m excited to see more supplement companies becoming aware of the unique and necessary quality ingredients athletes with food allergies/intolerances require. Two other sources of great complex carbs that work well for me are sweet potatoes and oatmeal. The rest of my diet for the remainder of the day consists of proteins and veggies and that seems to work for me. I also supplement throughout the day with all the essential vitamins and minerals to address the potential for deficits in these areas with my ongoing GI malabsorptive and anemia symptoms. (Click here to visit the NanoReds website, Click here to visit the DPS Nutrition website.)

However, I’m feeling more positive and energized than I have in quite some time and am looking forward to hitting it as hard as I can and reaping those sweet benefits in a few short months; and to me, that actually is more delicious than my favorite local co-op’s gluten-free cupcakes. Please send me your own stories as I’m always interested to hear how you are managing your gluten-free training needs, gluten-free foods/fuel for your workouts, and any other information that highlights how you are meeting all your training goals so we can all learn together.

Train and live with intensity!